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Fall is the time of year to for all to celebrate the changing colors on the trees, leaves falling, evergreens and the soon to be holiday merriment.


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For free Icovia allows people to use Icovia’s amazing space planner design tools to “create their own professional floor plans in minutes”.



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Fracture is a company created out of the imagination of its two founders to create a new way to order photos ready to display.


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Luxury kitchens achieved on a budget: Kitchen Trader miracle maker for the abode

Visiting kitchen design stores and strolling through designer showcases can be overwhelming when dreaming of replacing your aging kitchen. The beautiful luxury

Carol Ruth Weber‘s insight:

Check out how you can get a luxury kitchen on your measly budget while also giving to worthy causes @Kitchen_Trader

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A beautifully decorated abode is within reach for anyone. Just because you are on a tight budget should not deter from refreshing the abode with great redecorating ideas that can cost next to nothing. Have fun with the challenge of decorating the living room for less than $100.

A new floor plan using existing furnishings will instantly create a fresh decor.

Without spending a dime you can simply swap around the furniture to create an entire new appearance for an old room. Steal items from other rooms to use in the living room as new furnishing.



  • Play with new floor plan ideas on paper before you begin moving furniture around.
  • Open up a room by keeping the sofa but getting rid of a large chair or loveseat and swapping them for two lean chairs stolen from behind the dining table.
  • Try moving a console table from a wall to behind the sofa.Futoria Console




Paint is like a magic trick that will create a new decor with the flash of a brush.

Yes painting the entire room can get costly, but one can easily paint an accent wall in a trendy color to frame a sofa or dress the fireplace wall. With just a can of paint and creativity the living room can be dressed up in new fashion.



  • Accent one wall, the ceiling, or the trim by simply applying a new color.
  • Paint an old ugly lamp, change the shade and make it new.
  • Turn a worn table or cabinet into a new piece of furnishing with the swipe of a paintbrush.









Add new excitement to the room with pattern.

Pattern can brighten a dull decor by adding new interest and excitement. Whether on the walls, or furnishings and accessories a pattern can cost effectively be a new welcome addition to freshening up the living

  • Keep the wallpaper cost down by only applying it to one wall or use the ceiling as a fifth wall to make a unique statement.
  • The old sofa becomes a new piece of furnishing simply by adding new throw pillows in trendy patterns and colors.
  • Add a new area rug in a lively pattern to the seating area.
  • Change out a boring white lamp shade with a lovely patterned shade.
  • Turn an old piece of furniture into a designer piece of art by painting it in a fun pattern such as a plaid, argyle or floral.








Turn vintage finds into new designer furnishing.

Decor can be crafted from interesting discoveries. Sift through the attic and basement for item that have been forgotten and can be turned into new beautiful decor. Have fun visiting the yard sales and thrift shops, and even items tossed at the curb can be transformed into beautiful decor for way under budget.



  • Grandpas old vintage suitcase can be now used as a one-of-a-kind end table.
  • Stack interesting books to instantly create a table by a chair.
real simple

real simple







  • An old dresser can be transformed into a media cabinet for the living room.
  • Use pages from old magazines, coffee table books and even newspapers to mat and frame inexpensively to decorate the walls.wallcovering repurposed as art





Simply by redecorating the windows will add in new light and thrills to an old living room.

Heavy and expensive drapery does not equate to having a designer room. The windows are the eyes out to viewing the world so by keeping them simply decorated one can bring the beauty of the outdoors in to add to the decor.



  • Keep windows simple with plain blinds in a wood tone or white that can be purchased readymade for standard sized windows.
  • Dress the windows with store bought standard sheers flowing from the ceiling to the floor. For privacy add an inexpensive roller shade behind the lovely sheers.



Remember that for a true designer look furnishings should not match but instead blend together, so creating a beautiful room for under $100 can be fun, easy and creative. Dress up a room for a new trendy look with exciting accessories and color. Add flowers and plants to bring in a bit of natural color and scents.

Money does not buy beauty; create your own decorative splendor and never be afraid to dance!

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The bedroom should be a room filled with décor to promote tranquility and comfort. It is the place that we can shut out the worries of the outside world. Parents seek peace by closing the door and instructing the family to give them some quiet if only for a few moments. The children’s bedrooms are where they can use their imagination to create an exciting world in which to read, play and study.

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The bedroom’s décor should mirror the personalities of the people seeking a refuge of comfort.

The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom. A headboard frames the head of the bed and becomes a major focus for the room’s decor. Instead of purchasing an ordinary headboard that is not unique to your personality create a surround for your pillows that will assist in taking you off to dream land.

Create a custom designer headboard easily by repurposing objects, using fabrics and pain. 

  • Old wooden doors or shutters are perfect to repurpose and use behind the bed. Paint them and attach to wall or stand a few vertically on the floor to be used as a headboard.



  • Folding screens are perfect to use as headboards. Simply open up a screen flat and attach it to the wall for lovely décor to rest the pillows on.
  • Repurpose Grandma’s old tri-fold vanity mirror; paint the frame and attach it to the wall as a headboard to make your own designer piece to be envied.

  • Scour the estate sales for a beautiful large fireplace surround that can be repurposed and fashioned to use as a headboard when attached to the wall behind the bed.
  • Turn a plain piece of cheap plywood into a sleek, contemporary headboard. Sand it, stain it, seal it, and place it behind the bed.
  • Group ribboned fabric bulletin boards in a horizontal row attached to the wall behind the bed to make a lovely headboard and serves as a place to place notes and photos.

  • Attach tall wood wainscot on the wall behind the bed and trim it with molding and paint or stain it.
  • Use a quilt or pretty area rug to hang on the wall behind the bed.
  • Create your own easy upholstered headboard look by simply attaching upholstered square sections to the wall.

Create the illusion of a headboard on the wall behind the bed.

  • Paint a picture of a headboard or use a stencil on the wall where the head of the bed resides.wall stencil, thirtyduo.blogspot
  • Frame fabric or wall paper on the wall inside molding to present the bed.

Take delight in creating a fun headboard with kids for their own rooms.

  • Buy a section of picket fence, paint or stain it, and use it for your headboard. This looks great in a child’s room.

  • Is your young one a sports buff; use baseball bats or hockey sticks glued together to create a headboard.

Give the prince or princess or King and Queen a dream canopy bed

  • Simply hang some fabric, tapestry, or sheet draped from ceiling nailed in at all four corners of bed.
  • Run fabric on the wall behind the bed to the ceiling. Place a rod to hold fabric where ceiling meets the wall then drape the fabric over the bed finishing it attached to another rod.

  • Attach curtain rods to the ceiling around all four sides of the bed. Hang curtains draped in each corner.
  • Be creative; try draping fabric in different ways to create your own canopy design.

Have a great time viewing me as I discuss great decorating tips in the other videos in my eHow series “Ideas for Home Decorating

Sink into your bed surrounded by the beautiful decor. Take a moment to let the day’s stresses melt away and drift off into dreamland. Never be afraid to dance!

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