Read Carol’s article revealing her hair care secrets

13161250_10153772393766185_127617978_oUtilizing my hair care secrets will help you to love your hair. The first step is to embrace what is yours and then learn how to take care and nourish it.

read the full article to get all of Carol’s hair secrets

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Read Carol’s article to see how you can get your own dream dress

emily by Nicholas StolfaYes, dress rentals are the fairy god mother’s answer to adorning one in the most exquisite of dream fashion like Cinderella.

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Read Carol’s article to see her review of the amazing folding Biaggi Leggero luggage13697278_946907985435936_6191262831950445870_nBiaggi Leggero luggage is the newest unique folding designer luggage invention created by the Shark Tank wiz winner Stephen Hersh. Stephen has built on the principal concept of his wonderful foldable ZipSak and has now created a traditional looking suitcase in the Leggero, that is far from the ordinary.

Read the full review of Biaggi Leggero here

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Read Carol’s article and get link to videos for new Micky Mouse shorts


New Mickey Mouse short films that have been released in the last few years have now endeared an entire new generation to love watching the mouse and his friends as they enjoy world-wide adventures.

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Read Carol’s article to learn about fun DIY art ideas

artist-1409714Fun DIY artwork ideas are perfect whether it is a glorious sunny day or a cozy rainy one. With the sun shining, art can make for a wonderful outdoor activity. When the weather is nasty creating artwork indoors will brighten up the day. Either way when the kids are home you need to keep them busy, and a day of fashioning works of art will be fun for all ages.

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Read Carol’s article for her interview with parents of the amazing Image Skincare 

image skincare janna and marcCrafted from the love of Image Skincare’s founder CEO Janna Ronert and perfected by her husband, the company’s President and Medical Director, Dr. Marc Ronert, the Image line of products truly give love back to one’s skin.

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Read Carol’s article to learn how to make your old laminate kitchen new easily with paint

By Kotivalo via Wikimedia CommonsWith some easy laminate cabinet updating tips you can enjoy a beautiful renewed décor without totally depleting your bank account.

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