Tripping Jupiter Braves Music Speaking up to Rally Action

Tripping Jupiter is making a splash in the musical statement made with the release of their album “Lipstick of the Brave.” Madstone Rowan (he/they/them) is the magnificent face of this artistic genius.

Ashley Suppa Phenom Bass Player Ready for Stardom

Ashley Suppa has proved to be an anomaly herself with her sultry voice and talent as a bassist making her a stand-out

September 11 Legacy 21 Years Later 

The September 11 legacy of the fight to live in a free democracy is still a battle 21 years since that fateful day. Though terrorists tried to take down the U.S. we persevered in the immediate aftermath as a diverse nation held together by the commonality of patriotism and appreciation of life living in a free country.

Pride Teams Naturalizer with Trevor Project

Naturalizer showcases the Pride Shoe as a vehicle to stand for awareness and acceptance for everyone to feel safe when being their most sincere self.

Randy Klein Garners Jazzheads Fame

The ultra-talented Randy Klein now adds producer with his independent record label Jazzheads to his repertoire. The multi-award-winning composer and pianist, along with music educator, combined his garnered know-how to create a label that enables for music by artists to be pushed to new innovative forms.

Russia Iran Collaboration to Endanger World Peace  

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine right after a joint navy drill by Iran, Russia, and China prove the dangers of how a Russia Iran collaboration can escalate the world into World War III.

‘Finding Fretless’ Reveals George Harrison Mad Guitar Story

“Finding Fretless.” by author Paul Brett, is a story of an original guitar that proves to alter known history involving Beatles and beyond. The story ties together pieces to disclose the full truth of George Harrison’s prototype Bartell guitar – including renewed light on a forgotten father of the electric guitar, Paul Barth.

The Monkees ‘Farewell Tour’ Sings Superior Performance

The Monkees “Farewell Tour,” with the song stylings of Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith, has proved the group's talent transcends time and loss.