Nail Art Ideas for Unique Fashion Statement

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public-domain-flikrNail art has taken over as a way to express oneself much in the same way a tattoo will, only the art on the nails can be removed and repainted to match new moods and fashions. The art of the manicure has morphed way beyond a single simple color and the decorative French nails. Nail art has become a hot fashion trend that has artists creating amazing works on a very small canvas.

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Best Affordable NYC Neighborhoods to Call Home

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Union Square Park In Manhattan, New York CityFinding affordable NYC neighborhoods to live the wonderful New York City lifestyle is certainly a possibility. Along with the rise in the cost to buy or rent in the Big Apple, there are also cool, affordable areas opening up as well.

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Beautiful Holiday Décor Inspired by Real-Life Victorian Gingerbread

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ginadapooh-via-flikrWith the chill in the air comes the excitement of decorating the abode to welcome guests for holiday cheer. Picture postcards and classic holiday movies showcase snow covered streets and Victorian houses dressed in their holiday finest.

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Interview with Laila Ali: Reveals Passions for Life and Family

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laila aliLaila Ali is well known as the daughter of famed heavyweight boxing legend Muhammad Ali and in her own right as a retired professional boxing star. But the beautiful woman is so much more than what one sees when gazing at her stunning photo on her website, in magazines or viewing her on TV.

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NYC Home Entryway Storage Decorating Tips

Read my @coldwellbanker article for great entry #decor tips Entryway With Yellow Walls And Storage Bench In WhiteOne wants a location to neatly store boots and shoes as you and your guests enter, to keep from traipsing the wet outdoor mess through your apartment. With some thoughtful decorating tips, anyone can create some much-needed entryway storage.

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Vampiresque Face Renewal: Donna Fay PRP MicroPen Treatment

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donnaI could not wait for The Beauty Expert, Donna Fay Graziano, a Master Esthetician, to work her miracles in her quest to smooth out my aging skin. The thrill was building as I was excited to see the results of using growth factors from my own blood in lieu of a manufactured serum.

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NYC Free Entertainment Fun in Big Apple Style

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Statue of LibertyEnjoying NYC free entertainment is a wonderful way to take advantage of living in this amazing city.

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Meaning of Life Defined by a Mere Child: Incredible Video

Read my Huffington Post article detailing the wisdoms of life from a child… great video toozia hassan, YouTubeA child uncovers the meaning of why we exist in simple terms for everyone to understand. Zia Hassan was so impressed speaking with a young 9-year old that he felt compelled to capture him on video speaking his views about the universe and why humans exist.

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NYC Home Decorating Tips for Optimal Use of the Big Apple Abode

Read Carol’s Coldwell Banker article to learn how to decorate optimizing spaceModern green bedroomNYC home decorating can often be challenging when you are paying top dollar and every square foot counts as needed living space. But, with creativity and sleight of hand, like magic, you can have room to relax and a place to store away necessities.

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Inventive Properly Eases Renting for Landlords and Tenants

Read Carol’s Huffington Post article about cool new startup Properly that makes renting apartments easier for landlords and tenants properlyProperly is a startup vision grown out of the frustration that comes with renting for both tenants and landlords. Three men who all faced their own exasperation’s when it came to renting, combined their thoughts to invent a way to help others rent smarter and easier.

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