Meet Peter Max: Humble Iconic Artist Speaks About His Life

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Photo by Tab Hauser
Photo by Tab Hauser

Peter Max is so much more than a mere artist that garnered fame for his color filled statements of beautiful artwork. I feel so fortunate to of had the opportunity to get to know the man behind the work that Impacted my life as a child of the 60’s and 70’s.

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Lingerie For Men: Homme Mystere Mangerie Puts A Bow On It

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Lingerie for men is now here to stay in the form of mangerie. Homme Mystere is listening to what men of this century desire. They are all about designing lingerie for men so that males may have the same lacey sexy feelings hidden behind their dressed facade that women have always been privy to.

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Truth Or Dare Contest: The Presidential Race Showdown

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With two candidates who seem to stir up radical behavior on both sides, the 2016 presidential campaign has turned into a truth or dare contest.

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How To Paint Your Way To A Beautiful Renewed Abode

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Learning how to paint the décor is a wonderful way to add a renewed look to the abode without spending a lot.

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Five Weird U.S. Governing Laws That Really Do Exist

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1176077_240Unspoken about weird laws have been around for years. With a bizarre presidential contest taking its place in history, it is fitting to take a look at some bizarre regulations that are still on the books.

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Image Skincare Iluma Wakes And Illuminates To Beautify Skin

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Image Skincare Iluma is a perfect addition to one’s skincare regimen. As an Image skincare junky I have been hooked on my favorite line of Image products, but as a woman I am always looking for the next greatest innovative product to keep me looking great, and as young as possible.

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Dream Private Island: Build Your Own Tropical Paradise Abode

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The dream private island is just about everyone’s fantasy of being whisked away to their own tropical paradise where no one can find or bother them. Now imagine that your dream could actually become a reality simply by manufacturing your very own island abode.

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Showcasing Art For Best Presentation: Command Brand Review

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capture2If you are ready to make a decorative wall, want to move artwork around or live in a rental Command has amazing products that make picture hanging easy. No tools are needed for the wonderful Command Brand products.

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Forever 9/11 Remembered At Home And Around The World

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U.S. Air Force photo/Denise Gould
U.S. Air Force photo/Denise Gould

In a blink of an eye 15-years have passed since 9/11, yet it still seems like yesterday that in a flash on that fateful morning the United States and the world was changed forever. As life endures we take this day to pay homage to those lost as a result of ignorance and jealousy.

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Museumlight Is Beautiful Art That Lights Up Abode’s Decor

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img_3486A dream to light up the art world has been realized with Museumlight. No matter what one’s personal taste is, artwork is known to brighten up any décor. In his wishes to spread the joy and glow of art, Brian Acworth, the creator of Museumlight, has joined together beautiful art with functional décor into a creation of art that actually brightens up a room with light.

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