best NY pizza in South Florida

Five Best NY Pizza Places in South Florida

Discerning taste buds have reviewed and tallied up to report the best NY pizza places in south Florida.

Immigrant to Innovator Ingenuity to Overcome Challenges

When seeking to overcome challenges, much can be learned by simply looking at an immigrant’s fortitude for achieving the American dream. Mark Gold made his way from the poverty of an immigrant to prosperity with his innovative spirit and resilience to realize his aspirations.

Robert Miller

Robert Miller ‘Summer of Love’ Release Reveals Hot Truth

Having no home studio would not deter Miller from creating new music. He began recording new songs using just his iPhone. Although his engineer and fellow musicians were separated by a pandemic Miller found a way for them to work together to create.

Vic Kastel

Vic Kastel Travels From 70s Acclaimed First Album Release

Vic Kastel has brought his amazing 1970s music into a new century with his very first album – the critically acclaimed “Time Traveler.” With the aid of analog equipment and musicians 11 original songs had been recorded in the 70s by the veteran singer and songwriter – yet never circulated before 2020.

fireplace options

Innovative Fireplace Options to Heat up Even Rentals

An array of fireplace options allows just about everyone to enjoy the warmth of a hearth in the home. No longer is it just a dream to sit by a cozy fire. With the available choices, one can have a bit of warmth in every room of the abode.

mindful breathing

Mindful Breathing by Jay Bradley Heals Body and Soul

Mindful breathing can open one up for healing life’s woes – from physical pain to emotional pain, and stresses. Bradley is the perfect expert to answer questions about Breathwork


Free Guided Breathwork Healing Lends Relief from Worries

A free workshop for guided breathwork healing is the perfect prescription to reboot one’s energy. With a pandemic in full force, it is vital to find ways to heal, relax, and destress in order to stay healthy and move forward.

never forget 9/11

Never Forget 9/11 During Unprecedented Covid-19 Pandemic

Nineteen years later the never forget 9/11 brings back once again the startling terror that struck the U.S. — only this year being engulfed by the horrific Covid-19 Pandemic. Clashing with the day to never forget is a virus taking over the country and world putting tributes of remembrance at risk along with lives. That deadly day … Continue reading Never Forget 9/11 During Unprecedented Covid-19 Pandemic

Enchante Home Equals Plush Towels with Great Price [Review]

Enchante Home lives up to its promise of luxurious living with its collection of extra soft Turkish cotton towels at a great price. The 100-percent zero-twist cotton makes the towels truly plush and comfy. Navigating the website is extremely easy and makes it for delightful shopping when looking through offerings and comparing towel sets designs. … Continue reading Enchante Home Equals Plush Towels with Great Price [Review]

Romeo Delight Tribute Band Rocks Van Halen [Interview]

Romeo Delight being named in the Van Halen book “Unchained” as one of the top tribute bands in the country, as well as top vocals, confirms their value to the music world.  The band’s energy has proved to be so Van Halen worthy to the that David Lee Roth selected Romeo Delight’s video for his … Continue reading Romeo Delight Tribute Band Rocks Van Halen [Interview]