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Wall décor that adds new life to the abode

The world is getting more and more crowded. Nowhere is this more prevalent than living in congested metro areas. The abode has become an important place to have as an escape from the hustle and bustle.

As the pollution increasingly overwhelms, we are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is for us to sustain our surroundings.

Eco-friendly décor creates a greener and ecologically friendly environment to live in.

Green walls and roofs are exciting concepts but most people are not ready to, or cannot, commit to greening an entire roof or wall.

Plant wall décor adds living art to the abode’s walls.

Dress the walls with unique plant wall décor that “grows itself” and gives back by purifying the air.

“Simply mount this plant grid onto your wall–indoors or outdoors–and fill the pockets with plants or seeds. Watering is done by filling the top reservoir. Once filled, water trickles down to each pocket and all excess water is collected by the bottom reservoir, which is removable. Mounting bracket not included. Ideal if seeking very unique and eclectic wall decor.”

This is fashioned from a natural wood frame with a built in reservoir to keep the plants watered. You can plant whatever type of plant you want. Have evergreens to brighten the décor all year round.

Be inventive and design your own version of a wall planter

  • Wall planters add texture to a boring wall.
  • Mix with artwork for a beautiful and unique looking wall décor.

Picture a wall filled with beautiful greenery as a backdrop to your sofa. A “green” wall will calm the home environment. Reside in peace with the beauty around you. Leave the busy world outside of the home and relax among your living art.

Turn up the music and watch the plants grow. Never be afraid to dance!

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Creative abode decor crafted from yarn made from newspaper

Many people are constantly searching for amazing ideas to repurpose, reclaim, and recycle their ways to creating beautiful décor. Just like learning how to change eating habits when dieting, people have to learn how to change out of their bad habits when it comes to protecting our Earth. Recycling, as a habit, must be promoted.

Have fun and try to create your own furnishings by recycling.

Greetje van Tiem from Eindhoven Academy invented her own amazing yarn recycled from newspaper for a school project. She calls her project Indruk.

newspaper made into yarn
  • With a drop spindle, twisting, and patience, newspaper can be spun into yards of yarn. When strips of newspaper are tightly spun they become very strong and durable.
  • Imagine area rugs and baskets woven out of yarn recycled from newspaper.
  • Newspaper yarn can be used exactly as traditional yarn; knit, crochet, and weave your way to beautiful accessories.

    a chair woven out of newspaper yarn

Learn how you can make your own newspaper yarn. Doug Gunzelmann has a great tutorial that is easy to follow.

  • This is a really cool, green, invention. Have fun discovering what you can create out of newspaper yarn.

    a crocheted ottoman cover out of newspaper yarn

It is amazing what we can recycle out of newspaper.

  • Check out NewspaperWood for a really cool invention recycled from newspaper. Newspaper recycled into a wood-like product that can be used to make cabinetry and other furnishings.

Our earths circle is broken; the trash and pollution are falling out. Recycling and Upcycling should be thought of as a clasp to help hold the circle closed. Step outside of the box and develop your own recycled invention. Our Earth needs saving and we all need to be its heroes.

Get out the newspaper and make some party hats, and never be afraid to dance!

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Decorating the Abode with a Greener Life in Mind

America Recycles Day is upon us! Tuesday, November 15th is the day to wake up and save the Earth!

In this fast paced and crowded world that we live in we know of the desperate need to “green” our spaces. We seem to be bombarded in all directions about the need to save our environment. We are well aware of the shrinking landscapes of our communities and are now fighting to keep our open spaces.

Everyone can pitch in and help green our lives with some simple steps:

  • Allocate a space in your abode to store recyclables. If you do not have room inside keep a simple container outside that everyone can drop the recyclables into as they head out.
  • Change all the light bulbs to energy efficient ones.
  • Turn water off when it should not be running; such as when you are brushing your teeth.
  • Lights do not have to be kept on in every room.

Get the entire household involved with finding ways to conserve.

  • Grow a garden; make your abode beautiful before you even enter inside. Have the kids grow their own gardens with vegetables that they will enjoy eating. This is cost effective, creates beauty, and results in giving back to the environment, as well growing your own organic goodies and no longer needing to use the gas to go to the grocery store as often. If you do not have an outside space, grow some herbs on your window sill.
  • Think solar power; there are simple ways to enhance your abode with solar power. Add tubular skylights to a dark room. My article,, gives you more information on these easily installed alternative skylights. Solar power is the energy of the future. Although the initial investment could be costly it will save you money in the long term and will help save the earth. Many people are starting small by using solar power to heat a pool.

It is important to stay open minded to change. Just like changing eating habits in order to be healthier in our bodies, energy habits need to be changed as well in order to have a healthier environment. Learn to drive a little slower in order to use less gas, unplug unused appliances (electrical devices are still using power if plugged in and not in use), Instead of throw away paper towels use rags and microfiber towels for dusting and cleaning. Newspaper is great to use for cleaning glass and mirrored services. It prevents any streaking.

Make it an adventure and challenge to green your own abode environment!

Never be afraid to dance!

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