Empty Nest Decorating Ideas To Add New Life In The Abode

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guest room, charlotte holmes of Rogue designs
guest room, charlotte holmes of Rogue designs

Empty nest decorating can help fill the void of missing the chicks that have left the cozy nest. After parenting for so many years your world is suddenly filled with silence as the last birdy has flown the coop and is now safe in their new college abode. After winning the battle of raising a family you are finally rewarded with a space to call your own.

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Wine Tips: Buy Sweet Decor To Keep Wine in View | New York City | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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Wine tips include more than just what to look for in a good wine. You do not want to forget about storing the wine when you bring the bottles home. Using these artful wine storage items adds a unique touch of beauty to your New York abode.

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Earth Month shopping at Kuttlefush: Cool recycled/upcycled marketplace

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What better way to celebrate Earth Month and Earth Day than going on a shopping spree.

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How to Brighten a Room Using Color | New York City | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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With some imagination and shopping fun, anyone can become skilled at how to brighten a room in your New York home. Best of all, you don’t even need to crack open a can of paint. Try these tips and tricks in your home.

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Decorate the abode for the holidays: Victorian gingerbread styles inspire

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The weather is getting colder as the festive winter season holidays get near.

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Fab: The fabulous place to go for cool gift giving finds


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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, but for those looking to get a jump on the gift shopping all one needs to do is make one stop at the wonderful Fab.

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Hem is online: Get shopping for beautiful affordable décor for the abode

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Just opened! Starting today, the new online retailer hem.com has opened its new online store.

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Cool personal and art photos printed on glass: Unique and beautiful decor for th

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Fracture is a company created out of the imagination of its two founders to create a new way to order photos ready to display.

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Dorm decor ideas: Planning and creating a beautiful college abode

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It is that time of year when many move from the comfy parental nest and into the taste of living in their own abode; the college dorm.

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How to decorate for homework study areas within a beautiful abode

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It is that time of year with summer is coming to an end and the new school year beginning. Many kids have started their school days while others are just about

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