Command a beautiful abode with easy no tool decorating

Moving from a house one owns to a rental can be a challenge. There is no longer the stress about paying for upkeep, but living in someone else’s property often comes with new stresses regarding specific decorating rules pertaining to the hanging of art and shelves.

People want to make their abode a home with their own decorating touches.

Everyone would like to make their living spaces their own with lovely art and accessories. Landlords are weary of damage that may be made to their properties with nails in walls, and no one can blame them. Command products by 3M has come to the rescue making wonderful products that will help decorate and organize the abode with absolutely no harm to any surfaces.IMG_1710

Hang artwork and hooks easily for organizing with no tools nor destruction to any surface

Command products have reusable hooks and caddies that make decorating and organizing a pleasure. They are easy to install and remove without any harm to the walls. Command has beautiful decorative hooks, as well as simple clear hooks and wire management systems, picture hangers and poster clips, and caddies to organize the walls. They can hold works of art, robes, towels, etc and are easily removed, without marking the walls, when it is time to move on.IMG_1786 IMG_1807

Be inventive using Command;  Command hooks made the issue of attaining shelf space easy.

The kitchen sink in my new rented abode was longing for a shelf to be placed above it, between the two upper cabinets flanking either side. Problem is, the cabinetry is new and the property owner would probably not appreciate nails being placed in the new and clean decor.

By using an open metal shelf and Command hooks I easily installed a shelf myself in the niche between the two cabinets with no tools except for a tape measure, level and pencil.

  • Having a 36 inch opening, I purchased an Elfa 36 inch wide by 12 inch deep wire metal shelf form the Container Store. IMG_3913
  • Using the level and measuring tape, lines were made with a pencil to determine where to place the hooks that would hold the shelf up.
  • The metal shelf was easy to snap into place allowing for the hooks to hold it in position until the time comes for its damage free removal. IMG_4044 IMG_4062

    check out the magnetic led touch lights added to the bottom of the shelf for accent lighting
  • Any pencil marks leftover were easily washed away.

I now have a beautiful place to store extra items in attractive cubbies. Two round dollar store battery operated tap LED lights with magnets attached to the bottom of the metal shelf add an accent light over the sink to finish off the new decor.

Command is very easy to apply and remove needing absolutely no tools.

  • Clean the surface first with rubbing alcohol and let dry.
  • Remove blue or red label liner on the tape to attach to hook so that the tab in easily accessible on bottom for future removal.
  •  Then remove the black labeled liner on adhesive and attach to surface.
  •  Press firmly for 30 seconds and wait 1 hour before use.

Ready to move on to a new abode, then simply take the shelf off of the hooks and then remove the Command hooks.

  • For easy removal simply hold the hook while you pull the tab straight down. Keep pulling until hook is released from the wall (Be prepared to pull the strip as much as 6 inches in order for it to liberate the hook).

Hanging artwork and anything on the walls can be tricky. everything must be hung level, straight and at the correct height. Traditional picture hangers and hooks place holes in a wall so it is necessary not to make mistakes when using these. With a rental or dorm room one might not have the option of poking holes in the walls. Command is a wonderful discovery for everyone and just about every situation. The kids can now hang the posters on the walls of their rooms without tape, thumbtacks, mess or punishment for damaging the wall’s finish.

I can attest to these products being a great invention to assist in decorating and organizing the abode. All of the Command products are easily removable and reusable; simply purchase refill strips. Command products are perfect for painted surfaces, tiled walls, wood etc. (Command states that the products should not be used on wall paper or vinyl covering).

Create a beautiful decor by thinking outside of the box using inventive products. Never be afraid to dance!

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