How to Decorate the Bare Walls in the Abode

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design-folly-flickrEverything works but the room still looks empty. It is time to perk up the bare walls to complete your décor.

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Lynyrd Skynyrd Michael Cartellone Reveals His Artist Side

Read Carol’s interview with Synyrd drummer Michael Cartellone, artistmichaelMichael Cartellone of Lynyrd Skynyrd fame has more than drums to play. Cartellone has recently revealed his amazing ability of making music with paint on the canvas as well.

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Nail Art Ideas for Unique Fashion Statement

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public-domain-flikrNail art has taken over as a way to express oneself much in the same way a tattoo will, only the art on the nails can be removed and repainted to match new moods and fashions. The art of the manicure has morphed way beyond a single simple color and the decorative French nails. Nail art has become a hot fashion trend that has artists creating amazing works on a very small canvas.

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Mickey Hart: ‘Grateful Dead’ Drummer Creates Painting Rhythm

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new-image unspecified8

Mickey Hart is legendary in the music world known for his decades as percussionist for the Grateful Dead, as well as being a pivotal innovator. Deadheads and new fans will now have a chance to experience Hart utilizing an entire new art form grown from his love of rhythm.

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Meet Peter Max: Humble Iconic Artist Speaks About His Life

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Photo by Tab Hauser
Photo by Tab Hauser

Peter Max is so much more than a mere artist that garnered fame for his color filled statements of beautiful artwork. I feel so fortunate to of had the opportunity to get to know the man behind the work that Impacted my life as a child of the 60’s and 70’s.

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Showcasing Art For Best Presentation: Command Brand Review

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capture2If you are ready to make a decorative wall, want to move artwork around or live in a rental Command has amazing products that make picture hanging easy. No tools are needed for the wonderful Command Brand products.

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Museumlight Is Beautiful Art That Lights Up Abode’s Decor

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img_3486A dream to light up the art world has been realized with Museumlight. No matter what one’s personal taste is, artwork is known to brighten up any décor. In his wishes to spread the joy and glow of art, Brian Acworth, the creator of Museumlight, has joined together beautiful art with functional décor into a creation of art that actually brightens up a room with light.

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Fun DIY Artwork Ideas: Adventures In Decorating The Abode

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artist-1409714Fun DIY artwork ideas are perfect whether it is a glorious sunny day or a cozy rainy one. With the sun shining, art can make for a wonderful outdoor activity. When the weather is nasty creating artwork indoors will brighten up the day. Either way when the kids are home you need to keep them busy, and a day of fashioning works of art will be fun for all ages.

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Rasterbator Rasterbates Free Art Creations For The Abode’s Walls

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hakarl treeRasterbator aims to aid in your efforts of adding art to the décor. Filling an empty wall can be a challenge and finding works of art to adorn the walls can get costly. With this free and easy process decorating with art promotes fun as well as being budget friendly.

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Rasterbator creates easy free wall #art for #decor, read article to see how

Command Hooks Up Abode Décor Beautifully

Read Carol’s article and review of Command Brand productsCaptureCommand hooks have won over those seeking to beautify the décor while also not damaging the walls. The wonderful Command Brand has now gone beyond just hooks with a variety of products that make it easy to keep items neatly in place on walls or inside cabinet doors.

@CommandBrand hooks and products work great for no tool hanging #art & organizing #solutions, read my review