RoomMates decor are the perfect match for the walls in the abode

Wall decals have grown up to be wonderful decor to dress the walls, even in the most elegant of homes. Since they do not damage walls they make the perfect option if you enjoy switching the decor or live in a rental or dorm room. RoomMates manufactures a wide variety of beautiful and easy to use home décor products that install easily and will beautify the abode within minutes.

RoomMates wall decals come in many styles, sizes and finishes to please all ages.

The easy peel and stick RoomMates are removable and reusable wall decals that stick to practically any surface that is smooth to the touch, even on wallpapered walls. Be creative using them on “walls, ceilings, doors, windows, mirrors, furniture, chalkboards, window shades, desks… even vehicles!”  RoomMates feature an array of amazing designs from traditional to modern for grownups and popular characters for the little ones. They even allow for a customizing option to create your own peel and stick wall decor from a favorite photo, character, pattern, artwork or by using a template and creativity.

The RoomMates decal products are very easy to install and remove within minutes.

Wait at least two weeks after painting or wallpapering to apply wall decals and make sure that the surface is smooth to the touch.

  • Fully clean the surface prior to application.
  • The designs come on a liner sheet with already pre-cut pattern pieces that have self adhesive. Depending on the choice of pattern installing the decal is as easy as following numbers.
  • To remove and store the decals simply remove carefully from the surface and place it back on the liner for safe keeping.

Special technology makes for no mess or damage, and most RoomMates products can be reused!

“RoomMates wall decals use a special adhesive that grips the wall tightly, but doesn’t form a bond. When the sticker is removed, it lifts easily from the wall without residue or damage. This technology also allows the decals to be used again at a new location without reducing the quality of their performance.”

Not just decals, RoomMates offers many other wall decor options to beautify the home.

With wallpaper & borders, peel and stick mirrors, XL wallpaper murals, clocks and Magic Hooks, one can make over any room within minutes into an entire new decor simply by peeling and sticking. Dorm rooms can now be transformed from ugly concrete blocks to beautiful walls easily and safely without harming walls.

  • Adorn the wall with a favorite quote to inspire all who enter the room.
  • Dress a wall with mirrors without the need of a hammer and nails.
  • Have fun dressing the abode to celebrate the holidays and seasons.

With the RoomMates beautiful decor choices there is a design for everyone to choose from to create a beautiful home with. Have fun swapping decor as the seasons change or surprise a household member with a new room decor for their birthday. The peel and stick options create a great opportunity for decorating any abode.

Peel and stick your way to lovely walls that express who you are and never be afraid to dance!

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