Finding Pageant Fashions for Your Child: Stress-Free Shopping

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by-lloydgallman-flickrIt is a happy and fun occasion to have one’s young one want to participate in the tradition and competition that a pageant presents. However, getting all the right fashion and accessories can be one of the most hectic and stress filled activities a guardian can experience.

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Zumba Style: Dance From A Workout To A Night Out

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world tour vestZumba style adds even more spark to the dancing inspired workout offering a wonderful fun fashion line. The fashions are designed to make one look their best whether breaking a sweat in exercise class, taking a stroll in the park, or even heading out for an evening of revelry.

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Charlotte’s Closet lends their sparkle to Ms Wheelchair NY USA Emily Sciarretta

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Every female deserves a closet filled with glam to choose from.

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Valentines Day Gift Guide: Tell Them You Love Them Through Technology

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Choosing the ideal valentines day gift is a beautiful way to show your true devotion of love. With technology becoming a part of everyone’s lives, a…

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Shark Tank’s Biaggi entrepreneur Stephen Hersh bags Beyond the Tank

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Stephen Hersh may have been born to sell bags but who knew those bags would lead him to jumping into a tank filled with sharks.

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Check out @biaggiluggage space saving folding suitcases from @ABCSharkTank- see whats new Jan 7 @BeyondTheTankTV #SharkTank #cool

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Grocery Delivery Services are Delightful

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Grocery delivery companies are wonderful when you dread leaving the comfort of the abode to go fight the lines and parking at the supermarket.

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Sit back and have your groceries delivered, read about different services @WiFiFamily #groceryshopping #deliveryservices @NETGEAR

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Cyber Monday 2015: Interactive eBay Map Helps Find Best Gifts

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This Cyber Monday 2015 has now become easier shopping for the most truly desired holiday gifts with the help of an interactive map that eBay has compiled.

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Check out the cool eBay interactive holiday shopping map, read article for info @theinquisitr #interactive #CyberMonday

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New Walmart wish list to make holiday shopping easy for all

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Walmart says it is offering most of the same Black Friday “doorbuster” deals online and in stores for the first time and giving online shoppers an early jump on the sales. The world’s largest retailer is heading into the holiday season with a…

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Rugs that make an art statement for the abodes decor: Solo Rugs new website

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Custom-bound area rugs made from carpet are a great addition to a child’s room or guest room. Learn how to measure out the right size and choose the perfect color.

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Beautiful rugs will add an artistic touch to the decor @solorugs @examinercom #art #decor

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Lacey manly underwear: Men and ladies check out the new fashion trend

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With a new hot trend men have a chance of wearing undies created specifically for them from delicious lace creations.


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