Vintage Furniture Shops: Great Finds

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White Lounge Minimalistic Room With Upstairs (luxury interior)

“NYC vintage furniture finds are fun to seek out for those living a New York City lifestyle. Whether searching for a favored antique or seeking out a quirky accessory from yesteryear, decorating your Big Apple home can be a fun treasure hunt.”

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Fall Decorating Ideas | New York City | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

Read Carol’s Coldwell Banker article for easy tips to renew the decor for the cooler seasons

New fall decorating ideas are perfect to implement when the colder season approaches in New York City, bringing with it new colors and fun holidays. This is the perfect time to celebrate the new seasons with new changes for the decor.

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Some easy touches to renew the decor for fall and winter @coldwellbanker #fall #winter #decor

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Tips for buying the best appliances and saving dollars: Abode decor

Read Carol’s Examiner article for money saving shopping advice for buying the best appliances for the decor.

Choosing great appliances to go into the new kitchen, laundry room or outdoor patio decor should be as fun as choosing the new cabinetry and tile.


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How to add simple new fall decor touches to the abode

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The summer sun has given way to falling leaves and a cool crispness in the air. This is the time of year that the colors of fall are celebrated.


tips to dress up the decor to celebrate fall, check out the slideshow for inspiration @examinercom #falldecorating #lifestyle  #decor #weberlifedesign

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Hem is online: Get shopping for beautiful affordable décor for the abode

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Just opened! Starting today, the new online retailer has opened its new online store.


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Decor, fashion, good prices, sustainability: Viva Terra dress’s up abode & body

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Viva Terra sets itself aside from other shopping sites by offering beautiful stylized items at great prices with a mission of only selling products that are nat


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Free floor planner to create dream rooms for the abode: Icovia makes it happen

Read about how to get and use this great tool in Carol’s article

For free Icovia allows people to use Icovia’s amazing space planner design tools to “create their own professional floor plans in minutes”.



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Cool personal and art photos printed on glass: Unique and beautiful decor for th

Read carol’s article to see how to create beautiful art out of photos encased in glass.

Fracture is a company created out of the imagination of its two founders to create a new way to order photos ready to display.


check out this cool site to upload photos to be encased in glass as decor @examinercom #art #weberlifedesign#shopping #interiordecorating #design #decor

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Designer tips for dorm room decorating: Carol Ruth Weber showcases moving in at University of Miami

Moving into a dorm room is filled with emotions; fun, overwhelming, exhausting are among just a few.

Check out my new YouTube video lending expert designer advice to make your dorm room into a beautiful abode.

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Decor for an easy move in and move out: Way Basics for the dorm abode

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College housing, whether living into a dorm or apartment, often means moving often as each year begins and ends. The decor should provide not only comfort and b

Carol Ruth Weber‘s insight:

check out these perfect decor cubes to add beauty and ease to the dorm decor #collegelife #dormliving @waybasics


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