Vintage Furniture Shops: Great Finds

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White Lounge Minimalistic Room With Upstairs (luxury interior)

“NYC vintage furniture finds are fun to seek out for those living a New York City lifestyle. Whether searching for a favored antique or seeking out a quirky accessory from yesteryear, decorating your Big Apple home can be a fun treasure hunt.”

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Easy DIY Floor Plans: Perfect The Furnishing Layout For The Abode

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A floor plan will allow you to see exactly where furniture should be placed in a room for optimal design. With a plan of action, no longer will there be a letdown when the new furnishings arrive only to see that they will not fit into a room, or even through the door or up a staircase.
A floor plan will allow you to see exactly where furniture should be placed in a room for optimal design. With a plan of action, no longer will there be a letdown when the new furnishings arrive only to see that they will not fit into a room, or even through the door or up a staircase.

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Fall Decorating Ideas | New York City | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

Read Carol’s Coldwell Banker article for easy tips to renew the decor for the cooler seasons

New fall decorating ideas are perfect to implement when the colder season approaches in New York City, bringing with it new colors and fun holidays. This is the perfect time to celebrate the new seasons with new changes for the decor.

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The Garage Floor to Highlight Your Ride

The bare, gray concrete garage floor is becoming a thing of the past. Colorful flooring patterns of quality material are becoming more and more popular. Considering the American love affair with their automobile or motorcycle, converting the garage into a show place makes sense. Whether as home to a sweet ride, or as a décor for a handsome man cave, a beautifully appointed floor will add new wow to any garage.

A variety of designs are available to help create a home garage showroom.

A black and white checked victory flag pattern helps accentuate the owner’s muscle car, classic vehicle or sports car. A ribbed metal tile design provides a more traditional shop appearance. Some systems can even provide tile with slight bumps to let the driver know when the vehicle is in the properly parked. Black, red, gray and metal are all popular colors.

Aesthetics are only one advantage of decorative garage tiles. A modular flooring system also provides protection to the concrete flooring. Water, oil, gasoline, brake fluid and other chemical materials can do substantial damage to a concrete floor. Modern garage floor systems are engineered to resist moisture and chemicals. The less moisture and chemicals on the concrete flooring, the longer it will last.

High density rubber, embossed steel or high quality vinyl are the typical materials of a garage floor system. The flooring system will normally have a textured, embossed pattern to add appeal and create a slip resistant surface. Most systems are fire retardant, an important consideration for an area where flammable materials are normally present. Modern systems are meant to last for years, and can carry warranties of 10 years or more.

The flooring system is normally a tile design and installation is relatively easy.

On some systems, the tiles simply snap together without any additional tools. Some vinyl systems are made in rolls, with the flooring simply rolled and tacked or glued to the concrete flooring. Trim and end pieces are available on nearly all systems. Easy to install, the home owner can save hundreds of dollars by installing it himself or herself. The project can sometimes be done in a matter of hours.

An additional benefit to choosing a decorative garage flooring system is that it is low cost to fit into one’s budget. A typical system with a 10 year warranty will usually cost a few hundred dollars. This is a fraction of the thousands of dollars a new concrete floor costs. Whether covering up cracks on an older concrete floor, or wanting to give the garage a new look, a tiled flooring system provides a unique and practical décor solution.

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How to Brighten a Room Using Color | New York City | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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With some imagination and shopping fun, anyone can become skilled at how to brighten a room in your New York home. Best of all, you don’t even need to crack open a can of paint. Try these tips and tricks in your home.


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How to add simple new fall decor touches to the abode

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The summer sun has given way to falling leaves and a cool crispness in the air. This is the time of year that the colors of fall are celebrated.


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Decor, fashion, good prices, sustainability: Viva Terra dress’s up abode & body

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Viva Terra sets itself aside from other shopping sites by offering beautiful stylized items at great prices with a mission of only selling products that are nat


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Free floor planner to create dream rooms for the abode: Icovia makes it happen

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For free Icovia allows people to use Icovia’s amazing space planner design tools to “create their own professional floor plans in minutes”.



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How to decorate for homework study areas within a beautiful abode

Read Carol’s article and view the slideshow for great decor ideas to make wonderful study areas to help the kids get great grades

It is that time of year with summer is coming to an end and the new school year beginning. Many kids have started their school days while others are just about


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Pro designer how-to’s for furnishing a beautiful abode: Learn the secrets

The abode is a reflection of who the inhabitants are who reside within its walls. Having a perfectly complemented designed home is what one aspires to having. Unfortunately the pocket book can keep one from thinking that they can achieve the furnished abode of their dreams. With a little design knowledge, planning and fun shopping anyone can easily design their own beautiful living space.

Have fun floor planning and think outside of the box when shopping and dressing up the abode.

Floor plans are all about trial and error and balancing the room. Once the plan is in place it is time to have fun shopping for the furnishings that will become part of the family. Shopping can be a fun activity for the entire household. Let everyone add their own personal touch to the home, just make sure that everything coordinates. Keep the decor unique allowing for everything to blend together and flow gracefully.

Enjoy browsing

Do not be afraid to browse the stores as one does when shopping for a new car. Just as when purchasing any item one needs to remember to be confidant and completely happy in their purchases. Stay firm and do not let a sales person intimidate you into purchasing something that you do not like or you know will not fit in your space. This task can be intimidating and confusing when working within a budget and handed so many stores and choices.

Keep calm and turn the shopping excursion into a fun adventure. Take it slow visiting a few stores before making final decisions. Many stores will have samples of swatches of fabric and finishes available for you to bring home to help make your choices; all you need to do is ask.

Pull furnishings away from wallsba-sofas

Furniture should never be placed directly against a wall. Even in a small room a sofa pulled just a few inches away from the wall will make the room more inviting; no one wants to feel as if they are put “up against a wall” literally and figuratively.

Create an inviting environment

A larger room may become overwhelming with one seating area; do not be afraid to create a couple of seating areas in a bigger room. Design so there is a clear path to an exit without one walking directly through the sitting area. Use a desk and chair instead of a console table behind a sofa for dual purpose. Think outside of the box using items such as an interesting bench as a coffee table in a tight area. Old trunks can be fun for tables too. Ottomans with trays, instead of coffee tables, create coziness and extra seating when having guests. Mix shapes. Add a round coffee table for softness.

Hide a play area within a designer room

Having young children in the household does not have to equate with a house looking like a daycare center. Furnishings can have multi uses creating areas for play hidden in plain sight. Add a pretty antique painted children’s rocker which can double as pretty accent. Replace an end table with a lovely wood play table and a couple of child chairs around it for craft time or homework.




Coordinating different woods can create a designer touch

If you have a set in maple buy a piece in walnut to contrast. Be aware that more than two different woods in a room can be overkill. The different woods should not appear too close in color or else it will seem like a design mistake. Do not try to buy a piece to match existing furniture finishes. It might seem like it is a match in the showroom only to see the actual wood is pine stained a cherry color when placed next to the natural cherry furnishings in the room, creating a cheapened look.

Designer rooms do not match, they are coordinated

When buying furniture one does not have to buy the matching sets that appear in groupings in the showroom. A sofa does not need to be identical to a loveseat, just as you do not have to always buy the pants with the matching jacket. Furnishings need to coordinate just as your fashions do. Coordinate fabrics to bring together the seating. Get the touch of a professionally designed room with pieces that are coordinate instead of matching. Purchase one end table and coffee table that match in wood, then find another end table in metal and glass. Use a durable stone coffee table in family rooms removing the threat of wet glass rings as with wood or streaking a glass top. Mix the stone with wood end tables.

Have fun hunting and creating

Shop the bargain stores, thrift shops and consignment shops for unique pieces that will work and add a designer touch to the decor without breaking the bank. Create the look of built in library or china cabinet using units from stores like IKEA. Purchase outdoor furniture after season on sale that can look beautiful used inside; for a kitchen buy a small metal bistro table with two chairs for the breakfast nook. Department store outlets have one of a kind pieces for sale that can become a beautiful bargain when recovered to coordinate with the abode’s decor. Find lovely window treatments shopping online at JC Penney’s clearance section. Target has some amazing buys on upholstered chairs in fun fabrics that look like they were purchased from a much higher end store.

Be open minded and find interesting pieces to dress up the abode with. Enjoy the design adventure and never be afraid to dance.

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