Nail Art Ideas for Unique Fashion Statement

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public-domain-flikrNail art has taken over as a way to express oneself much in the same way a tattoo will, only the art on the nails can be removed and repainted to match new moods and fashions. The art of the manicure has morphed way beyond a single simple color and the decorative French nails. Nail art has become a hot fashion trend that has artists creating amazing works on a very small canvas.

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Boots Crafted For Fashion Forward Comfort: Cobb Hill Review

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collageBoots and shoes are a huge fashion yes for most, especially us females. One can never have enough footwear. The huge challenge is to find the shoes that are stunning yet also comfortable.

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Dress rentals for fashionistas dreams: Charlotte’s Closet

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emily by Nicholas StolfaYes, dress rentals are the fairy god mother’s answer to adorning one in the most exquisite of dream fashion like Cinderella.

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Dudeundies Lacey Manly Underwear: Check Out This Hot Fashion Trend

Read Carol’s article to see this fun new sexy fashion trend for menCaptureDudeundies knows how to dress men in lacey manly underwear style. With a new hot trend, men have a chance of wearing undies created specifically for them designed from delicious lace creations.

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Zumba Style: Dance From A Workout To A Night Out

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world tour vestZumba style adds even more spark to the dancing inspired workout offering a wonderful fun fashion line. The fashions are designed to make one look their best whether breaking a sweat in exercise class, taking a stroll in the park, or even heading out for an evening of revelry.

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Sequin Fashion Trend Adds Sparkle To Daytime Style

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Sequin fashion is on trend for 2016 and not just for evening wear. Dressing up with sparkle is fun and flirty allowing for one’s inner vixen to shout out.
Sequin fashion is on trend for 2016 and not just for evening wear. Dressing up with sparkle is fun and flirty allowing for one’s inner vixen to shout out.

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Sequin fashion trend adds sparkle to daytime style

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cichic com, barneys com, keds comThe always beautiful sparkle on evening gowns and cocktail dresses is always on trend but for 2016 the sparkly sheen has found its way to adding new dimension and attitude to casual daywear for both females and males.

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Dress rentals to live up to all fashionistas dreams: Charlotte’s Closet

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charlottes by nick

Yes, a dress rental is the fairy god mother answer to adorning the most exquisite of dream fashion like Cinderella. No matter what age or size, getting dolled up in the gown of one’s fantasies will make most feel like they are the belle of the ball. With costs of a dream dress being prohibitive not everyone can afford to have a closet full of dream gowns and dresses to choose from. Thankfully Charlotte’s Closet if packed full of beautiful sparkling dresses in all sizes and styles to please any fashionista’s passion for dressing up.

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NYC-Style Fashion Trends Meet Great Deals | New York City | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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manhattan-606335_1280NYC-style fashion trends are eyed from all around the world. Known for its high style of living along with its world-renowned fashion weeks, New York City provides the places to go when seeking out the best in fashion.

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Nike Custom Shoes: Young Patients’ Designs On Sale To Celebrate Life

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Nike custom shoes has teamed up with Oregon’s OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in, what has become, an annual fundraising effort.

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