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skate your way to cool furnishings!

Skateboards given a new life as cool furnishings for the abode – National interior decorating |


Hunting for elements to promote relaxation is most evident for individuals living fast paced lives with the only respite coming as they enter the humble abode.

The search to bring a touch of the relaxing hues and sensibilities of nature to help calm down daily hectic lives is on.

It is a wonderful gift to find unique treasures that blend nature and function in the midst of the over abundance of manufactured furnishings.

  • John Houshmand has brought together beauty, sustainability, and individuality in his unique creations that allow trees to help in his design process. His collection is referred to as “urban organic furniture”.


  • The furnishings allow for trees to express their grains, bark, and overall natural beauty that mimic the diversity of all living beings.

    Beaver Branch table

  • Blending with the wood are elements of glass and steel creating a distinct piece of furniture that promotes a setting of beauty and well being.

John Houshmand strives to express “green” views with his unique innovative designs. His philosophy is beautiful:

“Trees are the guardians of everything sacrosanct. They hold secrets
of the past and relinquish everything necessary to sustain the future.

They bare their souls providing us with the air we breathe, the
shelter in which we live, and the food that nourishes our very beings.

We allow trees to do the talking. We simply listen.”

The portfolio is and endless catalog of unique and eclectic pieces of furniture that reflect individuality as they double as works of art.

The following are John Houshmand’s newest works


Shazam desk

shazam cocktail table

  • The collection allows for the trees to speak for themselves among the furniture design collection.

Clearly Functional

Clearly Functional table

Clearly Functional chair

  • Furniture that highlights natural wood coupled with clear glass in a functional desk, table, bench, and chairs.

Martian Dice

Martian Dice table

  • A reflection of dice in its appearance of incorporating black walnut wood fit smoothly into solid surfacing.

Saddle Shoes

Saddle Shoes table

  • The furniture borrows from the two tone design of the original saddle shoe incorporating two woods in different grains and finishes to complement each other as they come together in a finished design.

John Houshmand presents another opportunity to decorate the abode with furnishings that are at one with the living world and promote a soothing environment as promoted in the practice of Feng Shui.

Complement the Newsworthy wall covering, and an area rug woven from yarn made out of recycled newspaper, with these beautiful furniture pieces. Add beauty to the abode’s décor while being attuned to nature.

Slow down; relax in the beauty around you. Never be afraid to dance!

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Many people are constantly searching for amazing ideas to repurpose, reclaim, and recycle their ways to creating beautiful décor. Just like learning how to change eating habits when dieting, people have to learn how to change out of their bad habits when it comes to protecting our Earth. Recycling, as a habit, must be promoted.

Have fun and try to create your own furnishings by recycling.

Greetje van Tiem from Eindhoven Academy invented her own amazing yarn recycled from newspaper for a school project. She calls her project Indruk.

newspaper made into yarn

  • With a drop spindle, twisting, and patience, newspaper can be spun into yards of yarn. When strips of newspaper are tightly spun they become very strong and durable.
  • Imagine area rugs and baskets woven out of yarn recycled from newspaper.
  • Newspaper yarn can be used exactly as traditional yarn; knit, crochet, and weave your way to beautiful accessories.

    a chair woven out of newspaper yarn

Learn how you can make your own newspaper yarn. Doug Gunzelmann has a great tutorial that is easy to follow.

  • This is a really cool, green, invention. Have fun discovering what you can create out of newspaper yarn.

    a crocheted ottoman cover out of newspaper yarn

It is amazing what we can recycle out of newspaper.

  • Check out NewspaperWood for a really cool invention recycled from newspaper. Newspaper recycled into a wood-like product that can be used to make cabinetry and other furnishings.

Our earths circle is broken; the trash and pollution are falling out. Recycling and Upcycling should be thought of as a clasp to help hold the circle closed. Step outside of the box and develop your own recycled invention. Our Earth needs saving and we all need to be its heroes.

Get out the newspaper and make some party hats, and never be afraid to dance!

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