HGTV’s Carmen De La Paz passes on a cool Halloween decorating project

Carmen De La Paz of HGTV fame has teamed with Scotch to create wonderful do-it-yourself decor that is imaginative and beautiful. Holiday decorating is the perfect time to have fun and be creative with DIY projects.

Just in time to get ready for the “Great Pumpkin” to arrive Carmen has created a great, fun and easy Halloween project using Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape, spray paint and a glass bowl.

Have fun creating Carmen De La Paz’s Halloween pumpkin bowl Untitled

First get ready with the materials you will need

  • 1″  & 1 ½” ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces with EdgeLock  (2080)
  • Spray paint specifically made for glass in chrome and frosted orange
  • Large glass bowl of your choice
  • Plastic liner or shopping bags

The only tool that Carmen highly recommends is a Respiratory Mask.

Carmen De La Paz’s instructions:

1.       Start with a glass bowl of your choice. A round bowl is the perfect choice since it resembles a pumpkin.Halloween_1

2.       Using 1” ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces with EdgeLock (2080 EL), start by laying out the face.

Note:  Carmen’s design is made mostly of straight lines to help the tape ensure a good seal along the curve of the surface

  • “When following the curve and the surface, hold the tape tight as it goes on. This will ensure you have a nice even seal with the tape and the surface.  You will notice the other side of the tape may buckle – we are concentrating on a nice tight seam with the tape and the image we are trying to create. When it is right – you will know.  When it is wrong you will also know.”
  • Carmen started the eyes and then worked her way down to the nose and mouth.

Once the face is laid with the tape, Carmen added some lines all the way around to represent the wedges in the pumpkin – again with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces with EdgeLock (2080 EL).

  • Exact measurements are not necessary . Create lines that feel good. “The less you think about it, the better it will turn out.”

3.       “Once the areas you want to paint are masked out – cover the rest of the surface of the bowl with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces with EdgeLock (2080 EL) to ensure off spray does not find its way to the glass. Be sure to cover the top opening as well!”Halloween_2

4.       Spray paint with the chrome color for glass surfaces. Halloween_3

5.       Once paint has fully dried, gently pull tape back by angling the edge back at 45 degrees to reveal crisp edges and super sharp paint lines and corners.

6.      Spray paint the whole outside of the bowl with the orange frost color.Halloween_4

Follow the rules for spray painting to achieve a beautiful finished product:

  • Start spraying before you hit the surface
  • Don’t place the nozzle of paint too close to the surface you are spraying
  • Keep can moving to prevent build-up of paint, which will turn into drips as it dries
  • Light, even layers, is always the best with sprays

Beautiful! you are finished with your beautiful project and ready to put it on display for all to admire. Fill the glass pumpkin with yummy goodies to enjoy Halloween with.

Have fun with Carmen. Enjoy decorating for the holidays to come. Be creative and never be afraid to dance!

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