Ten Easy Décor Repair Tips for Common Problems

Read Carol’s 10 easy decor fix it tips in her Medium articleNot all issues need to have a professional called in. It can be satisfying to learn how to handle fixing more things for ourselves. This is a great opportunity to get educated on how to do the simple home repair and cleaning projects on your own.

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DIY Floral Pumpkin Halloween Decor To Adorn The Abode

The season of fall is here in full bloom of mums waiting to add lovely color to the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays of the season. Beautiful mums look lovely sitting in their pots on porches and door steps as well as inside as centerpieces on tables. They will add the wonderful colors of fall adorning the fireplace hearth as well. These flowers are also perfect to use in a fun project crafting lovely pumpkin decor ready to dress up the decor in celebration of the jovial fall holidays.capture

Floral Pumpkin DIY Decor

For this Halloween have fun incorporating seasonal flowers into holiday décor by creating a floral pumpkin. Floral pumpkins are a stylish and spooky way to dress up the abode for Halloween. Make this into a fun family activity. When guests see your creations they will be dying to know how you made them.

Simply follow an easy tutorial in order to create your own beautiful floral pumpkin decor. With just some few easily acquired materials one can craft a create pumpkin designed from fresh mums to adorn the abode in celebration of the fall season and holiday entertainment.


  • Small, medium or large floral Oasis brand spheres (can be purchased at your local craft store)
  • Clippers or scissors
  • Tub of cool water
  • Brown paper bag
  • Sewing pins
  • 1 bunch Burgundy Mums, opened
  • 1 bunch of Rust Mums, opened
  • 1 bunch of Yellow Mums, opened


  1. Take the Oasis spheres specifically made for floral designing and soak the green floral spheres in cool water for 15 to 20 minutes.

    Photo by annamichellelovesweddings
    Photo by annamichellelovesweddings
  2. The lovely mums should be open, no closed buds, to make the most beautiful statement. Snip off the blooms leaving half an inch of stem.flikr
  3. Pumpkins can be formed using one color or blending the colorful mums. Plunge the stem into the sphere and work your way around the ball until it the sphere is completely covered.

    Photo by jennifersmentionables
    Photo by jennifersmentionables
  4. Once the floral sphere is finished it is time to create a Pumpkin stem. Take a bit of a common brown paper bag and twist into a tight cylinder working one end quite tightly. Simply pin the “stem” to the top so that the pins are hidden beneath flowers.stem
  5. Now it is time to display the lovely creations for everyone to ooh and aah. Place your “pumpkins” on a dish or decorative platter. The flower pumpkins should stay looking fresh for three to four days.southern-living-helen

Take pleasure in the fun creating and enjoying the seasonal beauty and amusement. Have the family join in crafting the beautiful floral decor or make it an evening of pleasurable crafting with friends adding some wine and cheese. Dress up tables, chests and hearths with the homemade floral embellished mum pumpkins.

Enjoy the fun of decorating for the Fall holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Take a sip of some apple cider and never be afraid to dance!

How To Paint Your Way To A Beautiful Renewed Abode

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Learning how to paint the décor is a wonderful way to add a renewed look to the abode without spending a lot.

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Fun DIY Artwork Ideas: Adventures In Decorating The Abode

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artist-1409714Fun DIY artwork ideas are perfect whether it is a glorious sunny day or a cozy rainy one. With the sun shining, art can make for a wonderful outdoor activity. When the weather is nasty creating artwork indoors will brighten up the day. Either way when the kids are home you need to keep them busy, and a day of fashioning works of art will be fun for all ages.

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Laminate Cabinet Updating Tips: Beautify The Kitchen And Bath

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By Kotivalo via Wikimedia CommonsWith some easy laminate cabinet updating tips you can enjoy a beautiful renewed décor without totally depleting your bank account.

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Rasterbator Rasterbates Free Art Creations For The Abode’s Walls

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hakarl treeRasterbator aims to aid in your efforts of adding art to the décor. Filling an empty wall can be a challenge and finding works of art to adorn the walls can get costly. With this free and easy process decorating with art promotes fun as well as being budget friendly.

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Easy outdoor makeovers for abode renewal to welcome spring at a low cost

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Spring has sprung and with it the urge to revamp with outdoor makeovers to welcome Earth month and the pleasant weather home.

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Bedroom Interior Design Ideas on a Budget | New York City | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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Refreshing where you sleep with new bedroom interior design ideas can rejuvenate the space you use to relieve stress. With some smart bedroom interior design ideas, you can have a beautiful, economically designed bedroom.

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4 Benefits of Wood-Looking Tile | Daltile

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Creative Ideas to Decorate Your New York City Home | New York City | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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New York City is the place to discover inventive decorating ideas to beautify and adorn the living space. Furnishing a New York City home can be exciting when living in the center of the style world. Apply these refreshing ideas to decorate your home.

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