Rasterbator Rasterbates Free Art Creations For The Abode’s Walls

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hakarl treeRasterbator aims to aid in your efforts of adding art to the décor. Filling an empty wall can be a challenge and finding works of art to adorn the walls can get costly. With this free and easy process decorating with art promotes fun as well as being budget friendly.

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Rasterbator creates easy free wall #art for #decor, read article to see how

3M Patch Plus Primer 4-in-1 makes patching abode wall jobs easy: A review

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With the 3M Patch Plus Primer 4-in-1 anyone can now do their own small wall repairs easily without mess.

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Designer tips for dorm room decorating: Carol Ruth Weber showcases moving in at University of Miami

Moving into a dorm room is filled with emotions; fun, overwhelming, exhausting are among just a few.

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Never be afraid to dance!

Dorm decor ideas: Planning and creating a beautiful college abode

Read Carol’s Examiner.com article for great tips to decorate a dorm room to make it feel like home.

It is that time of year when many move from the comfy parental nest and into the taste of living in their own abode; the college dorm.

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New great products to meet the Command to organize and dress the abode


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Staying organized is not an easy task in a society in which everyone is always on the run. With the summer coming to its end and the school year beginning the fight to keeping lives in order will only become more of a stress. Once again Command Brand by 3M has come out with more wonderful new organizational products.

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FLOR carpet tiles: Perfect decor to warm up the ugly dorm abode floor


Read Carol’s Examiner.com article to see how great FLOR carpet tiles work for the dorm room’s decor.

Most dorm rooms, especially those not recently built, have cold tiled floors… FLOR carpet tiles are the perfect solution for adding beautiful coverage to warm up the college abode’s floor.

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Finding the perfect bedding for the dorm abode: Shopbedding is the site to go to

Check out Carol’s Examiner.com article to find quality dorm bedding, including the elusive bed skirt, specifically made for the dorm twin XL size.

Shopping and decorating for college living can be fun and exciting; a first step into moving from the home nest into a new life. Finding the right bedding for the dorm twin extra long size beds can be a frustrating journey.

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