The Garage Floor to Highlight Your Ride

The bare, gray concrete garage floor is becoming a thing of the past. Colorful flooring patterns of quality material are becoming more and more popular. Considering the American love affair with their automobile or motorcycle, converting the garage into a show place makes sense. Whether as home to a sweet ride, or as a décor for a handsome man cave, a beautifully appointed floor will add new wow to any garage.

A variety of designs are available to help create a home garage showroom.

A black and white checked victory flag pattern helps accentuate the owner’s muscle car, classic vehicle or sports car. A ribbed metal tile design provides a more traditional shop appearance. Some systems can even provide tile with slight bumps to let the driver know when the vehicle is in the properly parked. Black, red, gray and metal are all popular colors.

Aesthetics are only one advantage of decorative garage tiles. A modular flooring system also provides protection to the concrete flooring. Water, oil, gasoline, brake fluid and other chemical materials can do substantial damage to a concrete floor. Modern garage floor systems are engineered to resist moisture and chemicals. The less moisture and chemicals on the concrete flooring, the longer it will last.

High density rubber, embossed steel or high quality vinyl are the typical materials of a garage floor system. The flooring system will normally have a textured, embossed pattern to add appeal and create a slip resistant surface. Most systems are fire retardant, an important consideration for an area where flammable materials are normally present. Modern systems are meant to last for years, and can carry warranties of 10 years or more.

The flooring system is normally a tile design and installation is relatively easy.

On some systems, the tiles simply snap together without any additional tools. Some vinyl systems are made in rolls, with the flooring simply rolled and tacked or glued to the concrete flooring. Trim and end pieces are available on nearly all systems. Easy to install, the home owner can save hundreds of dollars by installing it himself or herself. The project can sometimes be done in a matter of hours.

An additional benefit to choosing a decorative garage flooring system is that it is low cost to fit into one’s budget. A typical system with a 10 year warranty will usually cost a few hundred dollars. This is a fraction of the thousands of dollars a new concrete floor costs. Whether covering up cracks on an older concrete floor, or wanting to give the garage a new look, a tiled flooring system provides a unique and practical décor solution.

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