Lovingly Restored Victorian Home Becomes Historic Landmark

Read Carol’s Huffington Post Home article to view her amazing home restorationhistoric abodeNow listed on the National Register of Historic Places after years of restoring my Victorian home, this is a humbling honor and reward for hard work.

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Best Affordable NYC Neighborhoods to Call Home

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Union Square Park In Manhattan, New York CityFinding affordable NYC neighborhoods to live the wonderful New York City lifestyle is certainly a possibility. Along with the rise in the cost to buy or rent in the Big Apple, there are also cool, affordable areas opening up as well.

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NYC Home Entryway Storage Decorating Tips

Read my @coldwellbanker article for great entry #decor tips Entryway With Yellow Walls And Storage Bench In WhiteOne wants a location to neatly store boots and shoes as you and your guests enter, to keep from traipsing the wet outdoor mess through your apartment. With some thoughtful decorating tips, anyone can create some much-needed entryway storage.

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NYC Home Decorating Tips for Optimal Use of the Big Apple Abode

Read Carol’s Coldwell Banker article to learn how to decorate optimizing spaceModern green bedroomNYC home decorating can often be challenging when you are paying top dollar and every square foot counts as needed living space. But, with creativity and sleight of hand, like magic, you can have room to relax and a place to store away necessities.

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Inventive Properly Eases Renting for Landlords and Tenants

Read Carol’s Huffington Post article about cool new startup Properly that makes renting apartments easier for landlords and tenants properlyProperly is a startup vision grown out of the frustration that comes with renting for both tenants and landlords. Three men who all faced their own exasperation’s when it came to renting, combined their thoughts to invent a way to help others rent smarter and easier.

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Dream Private Island: Build Your Own Tropical Paradise Abode

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The dream private island is just about everyone’s fantasy of being whisked away to their own tropical paradise where no one can find or bother them. Now imagine that your dream could actually become a reality simply by manufacturing your very own island abode.

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Cultural Places In NYC for Fun Family Learning

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New York City, USA skyline over East River and Brooklyn Bridge.

With so many unique and happening cultural places in NYC, a family living in New York City has a never-ending amount of venues to visit with events geared just for learning. Just a few steps away from your home there is an entire world of culture.

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New York City Living: Solar Power NYC Style

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hand sun and blue sky with copyspace showing freedom or solar power concept

From special shades to cool tech devices, those who live in and enjoy the Big Apple can appreciate solar power alternatives that will help to make New York City living even more enjoyable and also save some cash.

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NYC Sports Activities: Fun for Everyone

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Runners jogging in New York City Central Park, USA. Healthy couple of new yorkers athletes running in summer sun working out a cardio exercise on Manhattan, United Sates of America.

Living in the Big Apple you can find NYC sports activities that will please everyone of any age, gender, and ability. This can mean anything from eating a hot dog while rooting on a favorite team to joining in the club scene at a trendy bowling alley.

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NYC Summer Decor Fashioned in Big Apple Style

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Beach interior decor: sea shells and lanterns on the wooden coffee table, natural colors. Detail of living room.

Fresh summer decor honors fun in the sun allowing New Yorkers to change up the furnishings to celebrate fresh air, sunshine, and city vistas. Put away the elegant velvet drapes and heavy bedding to let the happiness of summer take over.

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