Decorate the abode for the holidays: Victorian gingerbread styles inspire

Read Carol's article to gather inspired decor advice The weather is getting colder as the festive winter season holidays get near. Source: Wonderful inspiration for new decor, read my article @Examinercom #Holidays #Christmas #Victorian #victorianhouses #architecture #decor #holidaydecorating See on - furnishing

Yummy gingerbread houses inspire decor for the abode

Victorian towns are filled with real-life gingerbread houses. Stroll through these turn of the (last) century villages to see the Architecture with intricate designs that sparkle like icing on a cake. Victorian abodes are often described as gingerbread for their intricate trim work that duplicates the delicious sculpted cake houses dressed and trimmed with candies … Continue reading Yummy gingerbread houses inspire decor for the abode

Victorian houses: Decorated gingerbread abodes

This is the time of year that homes are decked out in their holiday finest. Now is the perfect occasion to visit a town filled with actual gingerbread architecture. As the snow falls upon a Victorian village it places one inside of their own picture postcard from days gone by. The scent of gingerbread is … Continue reading Victorian houses: Decorated gingerbread abodes