Ment App: Rebecca Lima Makes Airport Travel Socially Savvy

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The cool Ment app is aimed to have users connect and share information with each other in real time so that airport travel can be a more human and pleasant experience.

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Rebecca Lima: Ment App Creator Makes Airport Travel Social

Read Carol’s Huffington Post article about the cool new Ment airport travel appuntitled-2The airport app Ment is the brain child of Rebecca Lima. After spending a huge portion of her life traveling, Rebecca realized the impact that social interaction could have on making airport travel easier. This millennial traveler’s dream is coming to life in her launch of her new inventive app.

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Roger Flores Speaks: Metroki App Aims to Save Commuters

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13669223_100380213735738_8287592479589881872_nThe cool Metroki App invention that is to be unveiled is meant to save commuters from the transit frustrations of purchasing tickets as well as finding the nearest metro system.

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Decorating Apps For Design Inspiration To Beautify the Abode’s Décor

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Apps have become part of everyday activities with people becoming very dependent on the tech aids to assist in their daily lives. These apps bring the wonderful decorating ideas, which used to be only available when purchasing a magazine, right to your fingertips.

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New York City Living: Solar Power NYC Style

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hand sun and blue sky with copyspace showing freedom or solar power concept

From special shades to cool tech devices, those who live in and enjoy the Big Apple can appreciate solar power alternatives that will help to make New York City living even more enjoyable and also save some cash.

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2020 Startups celebrates entrepreneurial empowerment with VIP kick-off

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36997468025968a91549799e6045a9152020 Startups long term objective is to guide the participants with knowledge in order for them to be able to grow and maintain their small businesses, and create employment. It is obvious why these startup entrepreneurs won the coveted spots in the program. The brilliant young business people spoke about and showcased their startups including an at home blood test to screen for anemia and an amazing eco-friendly foldable portable bike helmet.

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NYC 2020 Startups subsidized program super hero for early-stage entrepreneurs

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No need to say “hindsight is 2020” anymore when one now has help in the form of the new NYC 2020 Startups subsidized program to help plan for the future

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Diabetes care as a weapon against illness: Abbott Senior Director speaks up

Read Carol’s examiner article to find out how blood glucose and diabetes testing will not require painful finger prick anymore

Diabetes has become a thorn in the fight to live healthy lives. With more awareness and, changing diets and lifestyle, diabetes has become more prevalent.

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Using Floor Planning Apps to Optimize Your Home Sale | New York City | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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Floor planning apps make the perfect assistant when preparing your real estate for sale. When marketing an abode to sell, one must be savvy, especially for the high pressure of New York City competition.

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Exciting Spring Break Ideas For Families To Get Away

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It is the time of year to enjoy fabulous spring break ideas for families in order to reconnect with loved ones while relishing a vacation away

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