Tripping Jupiter Braves Music Speaking up to Rally Action

Tripping Jupiter is making a splash in the musical statement made with the release of their album “Lipstick of the Brave.” Madstone Rowan (he/they/them) is the magnificent face of this artistic genius.

Randy Klein Garners Jazzheads Fame

The ultra-talented Randy Klein now adds producer with his independent record label Jazzheads to his repertoire. The multi-award-winning composer and pianist, along with music educator, combined his garnered know-how to create a label that enables for music by artists to be pushed to new innovative forms.

ADDY media Captures New R&B sensation JNA at Birthday Blast

ADDY media has captured exciting video of the new R&B sensation JNA - Jonny and Aaron. The brothers won deserved fame via Tic Tok and are now turning out hit after hit.

Micky Dolenz Sings Melodic Gold on ‘Dolenz Sings Nesmith’

Micky Dolenz singing Mike Nesmith songs on the just-released “Dolenz Sings Nesmith” is a true treasure of melodic memories mixed with new joy.

Simpley App Winner at 24 Hour Instant Delivery

The Simpley App is the innovative fresh “social shopping” experience that all have been looking for. It allows users to not only shop but to share and chat while making purchases by utilizing a personalized friends list.

Central Park bombing

Central Park Bombing Terror Cold Case Must be Solved

The Central Park bombing seemingly has been forgotten by officials, leaving it as a dead cold case as the nation amps up its mission to stop terror attacks. Connor Golden was visiting Central Park in New York City in 2016 when he happened to step on an explosive left in a bag waiting for a … Continue reading Central Park Bombing Terror Cold Case Must be Solved

Astro Gallery is a Museum Encounter with Shopping Thrills

Astro Gallery of Gems is world-renowned for its famous minerals, gems, meteorites and dinosaurs. The business’ flagship 12,000 square foot showroom location, on the famed Fifth Avenue in New York City, aims to delight browsers, and those searching for unique mineralogical finds to dress the decor. Read my full article on NYNJ to learn more … Continue reading Astro Gallery is a Museum Encounter with Shopping Thrills

Reflection on 9/11 From a Military Mom

As a new military mom, I feel a need to ask myself, “Did 9/11 cause my then six-year-old to now be a strong 22-year-old college graduate heading to serve in the Navy”? I wonder if my lovely daughter would be on a different career path if she had never witnessed that horror that hit so close to our home.  

The Best NYC Tech Stores for Your Gadget Needs

Read Carol's Coldwell Banker article about great tech store finds Living a New York City lifestyle gives you access to unique stores that sell the coolest of gadgets that are the newest and hottest on the market. Click this link for full article Best #tech stores to shop in #NYC read my article for @coldwellbanker … Continue reading The Best NYC Tech Stores for Your Gadget Needs