Care for Skin Foundation Thoughtful Charity Restoring Image Loss

The non-profit Foundation has been working tirelessly, since it was founded in 2011, to improve lives for those who require reconstructive skin surgery, but cannot afford it. Care for Skin was originally formed to support children experiencing loss of skin resulting from accidents, tumors, burns, scars or genetic abnormalities.


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Tiffani Thiessen Interview Reveals Her Passions

Read Carol’s Interview with Tiffani Theissen

IMG_5822 cropped

Upon meeting Tiffani Thiessen one not only sees her beautiful exterior in her poise and attire, she exposes a true inner beauty as well. Talking with Tiffani is a pleasure. She smiles with grace speaking about her wonderful family and life and talking about the importance of helping women not as fortunate as her have a chance at a new life through the Dress for Success organization.

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The Meaning Of Life Uncovered By A Mere Child: A Remarkable Video

Read Carol’s article to see this amazing video of a child describing the meaning of life

zia hassan, YouTubeA child uncovers the meaning of why we exist in simple terms for everyone to understand. Zia Hassan was so impressed speaking with a young 9-year old that he felt compelled to capture him on video speaking his views about the universe and why humans exist.

A child unveils the meaning of life, Watch amazing video #MeaninfofLife #life

Spring is upon us: Staying healthy for the nice weather

Read Carol’s Examiner article for tips to stay healthy in order to enjoy the nicer weather to come

Finally the winter has ended and we can look forward to going outside to enjoy the sunshine.


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Unplug and Catch Up on Personal Productivity

Read my NETGEAR article to learn tips for unplugging your life

While technology can make our lives easier and more efficient in many ways, being unplugged can actually help our productivity. Here are some ideas.


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Processed foods lead to disease: Healthy diet will combat risks

Read Carol’s Digital Journal article to learn about healthier eating habits

Processed foods lead to disease: Healthy diet will combat risks


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Wow, I love your hair: How to take care of curly hair and keep it growing

Read Carol’s article to see her personal tips on keeping curly or course hair growing and looking its best

My entire life I have been known for my wild curly hair.


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Wrapped in memories 9/11 lives on in hearts never to be forgotten

Read Carol’s article for loving remembrances of 9/11 and how it changed our lives.

It has been thirteen years since that morning that began like every other.


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Dwayne Johnson rocks announcement of new role as Black Adam in ‘Shazam’ movie

Read Carol’s exciting Examiner article to get all of the latest on the Dwayne Johnson Shazam news.

Dwayne Johnson has officially revealed he’ll be taking on the role of ‘Black Adam’ in an upcoming DC movie.


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SmilesNY Dr. Timothy Chase names 2014 Hamptons best and worse celebrity smiles

Read Carol’s article to check out what celebs should not be showing a toothy grin

The celebrity filled Hampton’s playground of the summer of 2014 has been filled with the famed showing their full of smiles in the midst of having fun.



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