Ment App: Rebecca Lima Makes Airport Travel Socially Savvy

Read Carol’s BuzzFeed article about the new social savvy travel app that makes airport travel fun


The cool Ment app is aimed to have users connect and share information with each other in real time so that airport travel can be a more human and pleasant experience.

Link here for full BuzzFeed article

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‘Shark Tank’ Biaggi Entrepreneur Stephen Hersh Bags ‘Beyond the Tank’

Read Carol’s Huffington Post article featuring Shark Tank’s cool Biaggi folding luggage inventorBiaggiStephen Hersh, inventor of the Biaggi ZipSak, may have been born to sell bags but who knew those bags would lead him to jumping into a tank filled with sharks. Since his fateful appearance on the show Shark Tank, Hersh’s luggage company Biaggi has certainly made a splash.
Read my @HuffPost article about folding @biaggiluggage featured on #SharkTank @ABCSharkTank @HuffingtonPost perfect for #FridayFeeling #travel