Ment App: Rebecca Lima Makes Airport Travel Socially Savvy

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The cool Ment app is aimed to have users connect and share information with each other in real time so that airport travel can be a more human and pleasant experience.

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Swing Like Sinatra: Dream Stay in his Luxury Desert Estate

Read Carol’s Medium article to see how you can have a dream vacation at Frank Sinatra’s estatefrank_sinatra_in_1957Take a step back to the early swinging 50’s when Hollywood was filled with glamorous icons that ordinary folks dreamed of emulating in their style of fashion and living. Perhaps one of the most idolized of those stars was the handsome “Chairman of the Board” Frank Sinatra. Ol’ Blue Eyes led the pack with sophistication and fun.

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Dream Private Island: Build Your Own Tropical Paradise Abode

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The dream private island is just about everyone’s fantasy of being whisked away to their own tropical paradise where no one can find or bother them. Now imagine that your dream could actually become a reality simply by manufacturing your very own island abode.

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Cultural Places In NYC for Fun Family Learning

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New York City, USA skyline over East River and Brooklyn Bridge.

With so many unique and happening cultural places in NYC, a family living in New York City has a never-ending amount of venues to visit with events geared just for learning. Just a few steps away from your home there is an entire world of culture.

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Biaggi Leggero Folding Flat Luggage: A Dream Come True

Read Carol’s article to see her review of the amazing folding Biaggi Leggero luggage13697278_946907985435936_6191262831950445870_nBiaggi Leggero luggage is the newest unique folding designer luggage invention created by the Shark Tank wiz winner Stephen Hersh. Stephen has built on the principal concept of his wonderful foldable ZipSak and has now created a traditional looking suitcase in the Leggero, that is far from the ordinary.

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‘Vegas Girls Night Out’ Offers Ultimate Girls’ Las Vegas Experience

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IMG_1878‘Vegas Girls Night Out’ is a first-of-its-kind on-line boutique concierge service for Las Vegas,, was launched just a short time ago and is going strong. “Girls just want to have fun”, especially in Las Vegas and this girlcentric service intends to make Vegas as exciting as possible for women looking for the fun. The website aims to provide the ultimate girls’ getaway with access to the exclusive party scene that only happens in, and stays in, Vegas.

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NYC Sports Activities: Fun for Everyone

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Runners jogging in New York City Central Park, USA. Healthy couple of new yorkers athletes running in summer sun working out a cardio exercise on Manhattan, United Sates of America.

Living in the Big Apple you can find NYC sports activities that will please everyone of any age, gender, and ability. This can mean anything from eating a hot dog while rooting on a favorite team to joining in the club scene at a trendy bowling alley.

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Cultural Activities that Make New York City Living a Global Delight

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The flags of different countries in the World Expo in Shanghai

Nowhere in the world can you discover the concentrated amount of diverse cultural activities that can be found in The City That Never Sleeps. Twenty-four hours a day one can step outside their New York City threshold and find cultural diversity.

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Summer in NYC — Hot Fun in the City

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spring in central park

When you start to feel the heat, it means it’s time for a fun summer in NYC. Yes, it is known for its grand holiday season panache, but the Big Apple is also the place to be for its own unique summer style of fun.

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NYC Parks: Something for Everyone

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spring in central park

Besides wonderful shopping, amazing theater, and points of interest, NYC parks are one of the wonderful features of living in this city. With so many choices, you will always find a park to fit your game, style, or mood.

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