Cultural Places In NYC for Fun Family Learning

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New York City, USA skyline over East River and Brooklyn Bridge.

With so many unique and happening cultural places in NYC, a family living in New York City has a never-ending amount of venues to visit with events geared just for learning. Just a few steps away from your home there is an entire world of culture.

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Cultural Activities that Make New York City Living a Global Delight

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The flags of different countries in the World Expo in Shanghai

Nowhere in the world can you discover the concentrated amount of diverse cultural activities that can be found in The City That Never Sleeps. Twenty-four hours a day one can step outside their New York City threshold and find cultural diversity.

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Outdoor Living: Decor Ideas NYC Style

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Home exterior series... patio's bbq food and wine

Whether you live in a stunning brownstone, a cozy walk-up, or just enjoy the breeze from a terrace, there are options for making the best of NYC outdoor living.

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Best Ways to Get a NYC-Style Workout

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group of young people running on treadmills in modern sport  gym

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The Best Activities to Enjoy Spring in New York City | New York City | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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Spring in New York City is a beautiful time of year. The frostbite has melted away from our bodies as folks are coming out of hibernation to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor cafes. This is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities.


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Cost of Living by City: Manhattan’s Best Bargains | New York City | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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When looking at the cost of living by city New York City might scare some off, but the “city that never sleeps” is nicknamed that for a reason, having so much to offer to offset living expenses. Your dollars spent living in Manhattan bring much in return.


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Three top music shops keeping the harmony in Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn has become the go to hip place that rivals Manhattan. With up and coming neighborhoods filled with artists and musicians…


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Lovely ‘China Then and Now’ featured at the Nassau County Museum of Art

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Winter is here on Long Island. With the cold weather outside folks are looking for inside entertainment to give warm thrills.


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Best educational events for the family in New York

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New York City is known for its immense cultural activities and events. The holiday season is the perfect time to take the opportunity to…


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Giving thanks: Best places to volunteer in New York this November

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gobble gobble gives

New York City can be exciting, celebrating the holiday season with family and friends with so many iconic events. With the Macy’s…


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