Truth Or Dare Contest: The Presidential Race Showdown

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With two candidates who seem to stir up radical behavior on both sides, the 2016 presidential campaign has turned into a truth or dare contest.

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which Pres candidate won title “pants on fire” liar and who didn’t, read my @HuffingtonPost article #Trump #Clinton #Election2016

Forever 9/11 Remembered At Home And Around The World

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U.S. Air Force photo/Denise Gould
U.S. Air Force photo/Denise Gould

In a blink of an eye 15-years have passed since 9/11, yet it still seems like yesterday that in a flash on that fateful morning the United States and the world was changed forever. As life endures we take this day to pay homage to those lost as a result of ignorance and jealousy.

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Remembering 9/11, my story #WhereWereYou #NeverForget #remember

2020 Startups celebrates entrepreneurial empowerment with VIP kick-off

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36997468025968a91549799e6045a9152020 Startups long term objective is to guide the participants with knowledge in order for them to be able to grow and maintain their small businesses, and create employment. It is obvious why these startup entrepreneurs won the coveted spots in the program. The brilliant young business people spoke about and showcased their startups including an at home blood test to screen for anemia and an amazing eco-friendly foldable portable bike helmet.

Amazing event! Check out the innovators! Wow foldable bike helmet @MeetMarkGold #startup #tech @examinercom

MC Hammer commands “Stop Hammer Time” as partner with Command Brand

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MS320804 croppedIMG_9942

Hammer has jumped on board as Command’s first celebrity spokesperson with the launch of the “Do. No. Harm.” campaign. The famed recording artist Hammer is touting, “I’m a nail hating hammer” to show how Command products allow for all to put away the toolbox and to hang fearlessly without damage to walls.



MC Hammer sings #DoNoHarm #StopHammerTime 4 @CommandBrand check out the #fun @3M #command

Lucy The Australopithecus: Happy Anniversary To World’s Oldest Hominid

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Lucy the Australopithecus is being commemorated for her 41st anniversary of the day she was discovered in Ethiopia with a tribute Google doodle.

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Google doodle commemorates the anniversary of Lucy the Australopithecus @theinquisitr #GoogleDoodle #LucyTheAustralopithecus

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Sprint launches U.S. history making half-off wireless offer and LTE Plus network

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Sprint launched an amazing deal to attract new customers that will be hard pressed to say no to paying 50-percent less than their current cell phone bill.

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Sprint will cut your present cell phone bill in half, check out the news @theinquisitr #SprintCountdown #LTEPlus @sprint @golin

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Eiffel Tower Reopens, Stands Tall As Paris Symbol Of Peace

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The Eiffel Tower, along with other notable attractions in Paris, has reopened to the public once again on Monday, November 16.

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#Peace4Paris shouts out as Eiffel Tower reopens after attacks lit in red, white and blue @theinquisitr #EiffelTower #Paris

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Carrie Underwood Makes Chart Topping History With ‘Storyteller’

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Carrie Underwood released her newest album, Storyteller, with a history making chart topping debut in the number one spot on the Billboard Country Album chart.

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Read about wonderful Carrie Underwood breaking records with Storyteller #CarrieUnderwood @theinquisitr #Storyteller

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Controversial Cups? Starbucks Holiday Red Cups Create Uproar

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Controversial Cups?, check out crazy video rant about red cups @theinquisitr #MERRYCHRISTMASSTARBUCKS #RedCups

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