1stdibs on extraordinary finds for the abode

Glamour is everything. Whether watching the award shows or the home channel, everyone is drawn to the beauty of an elegant gown or a well dressed room. 1stdibs offers a place on-line to get lost in the enchanting beauty of fine homes, elegant furnishings, jewelry, fine art, and fashion.

Istdibs.com offers “the most beautiful things on Earth” year round. This is a true dream catalogue and is free to peruse everyday of the year.

  • 1stdibs is the go-to site to locate shopping locations for furniture, fine art, jewelry, and fashion at home and around the world
  • There is a great search engine to locate historical items, regional searches, and theme searches to locate the perfect item for the any occasion; search artists & creators of furniture, fine art, jewelry, and fashion.

1stdibs is like a having a virtual Library, Museum and catalog in one place right at your fingertips.

  • The entire sites focus is on all that is beautiful; style, fashion, shopping, real estate, museum and gallery showings.
  • Be prepared to sit back and relax with the laptop, tablet, netbook, or desktop to spend hours of getting lost in this on line discovery.
  • View the dream items of your fantasies such as Rolex watches and Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry, as well as lovely décor to drool over.

Peruse the Istdibs.com wonderful Introspective magazine.

Browse through to read about Architecture and Design, Fine Art, and Fashion & Jewelry.

Take a virtual tour to view wonderful New York happenings.

  • The event section showcases New York events to see from the comfort of your own abode. This is a great place to gather information if you are planning a New York City visit.

Check 1stdibs for glorious furniture & lighting, fine art, jewelry, watches & silver, fine homes, fashion, and curated searches. They have new listings every day to get lost in for hours. 1stdibs makes great bedtime reading to set your mind for extravagant dreaming and peaceful sleep.

Have fun with fantasizing and never be afraid to dance!

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