Designer secrets and tricks to decorate your own abode

With the rough economy hitting most in some way, folks have been forced to place extras on hold. As the struggle to survive continues, people need some enjoyment and newness in their lives to keep going.

This is a wonderful opportunity to decorate the abode with creativity and some designer touches that you can easily do yourself.

Here are some simple interior design secrets to achieve a beautifully decorated home.

Furnishings do not have to match

A bedroom, living room, or dining room should not have all matching pieces. You would not know this by walking into a furniture store but check out a display condo or designer showcase house and you will see that the pieces of furnishings blend together without matching.

  • Instead of a wood table with matching chairs try a mosaic table with an iron base and rattan chairs.
  • Blend different chairs around a table by painting them the same color and upholstering them with the same fabric.
  • Paint old dressers in a bright new color to add some newness to a bedroom.
  • Mix a brass headboard with glass night tables and wood dressers.

Accents make a statement

Walls, ceilings, and trim can be adorned in unique ways to add designer excitement to the decor.

  • Keep walls neutral while adding a color or pattern paper to the ceiling.
  • Create an accent wall with a bold color or pattern behind a bed, sofa, or around a fireplace.
  • Do not be afraid to paint the trim in a color.

It is a fallacy that only white will make a room appear larger.

White walls do not necessarily create a larger appearance for a smaller sized room. It can however cause a room to look drab and boring.

  • Paint the walls and ceiling in a color to bring the eyes around the room and up for a larger appearance.
  • Wallpaper can be used on the walls and ceiling as well.

Create a cozy bedroom.

Add a sitting area to your bedroom for a warm designer touch.

  • Place a small chair and ottoman or a chaise in a corner.
  • No room for a chair, then place oversized pillows stacked in a corner.

Furnishings and window coverings do not have to match

Bedding and upholstery should be coordinated with window treatments but should not match.

  • Tiebacks can be fashioned from the same fabric used for pillows.
  • Windows can be kept simple with blinds or plain flowing sheers.

Dress the walls to hide imperfections

Cracks in walls are commonplace with settling and age. There are ways to hide cracks or incorporate them into the decor.

  • Faux paint a wall around the crack by adding a rustic appearance.
  • Textured paintable wallcovering is inexpensive and turns imperfect walls into brand new visions of loveliness.

Bathrooms look better with less than more

Does the toilet really need to be covered with a rug? Do not buy those matching sets of bathroom rugs; they shout tacky along with the matching accessories and shower curtain.

  • Use a small wool or rag rug to turn the bathroom into an actual designer room.
  • Curtain rods with attractive finials can be used for towel rods.
  • Add a small chandelier for elegance.

Vintage is designer furnishing

New does not have to mean better. Hunt the yard sales, thrift shops, and even the garbage for decorator finds.

  • Designers love to add a bit of uniqueness to a room with a reupholstered vintage chair or sofa.

    Happy Chair
  • Refinish or paint an old table or lamp.

Built-ins present a designer decor

Built-ins are normally custom and expensive. A built-in look can also be achieved on a budget.

  • Use a niche or closet to create a built-in look using standard cabinets or shelving units and molding.

Make your decorating adventure into a creative learning experience. Look through the magazines and web site for new ideas and inspiration. New fashions for the abode will help add a bit of peace to a stressed out life. Go with the flow, and never be afraid to dance!

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