Add art easily to the new dorm or rental abode

When moving into your first home away from home such as a college dorm room or a first apartment, the decor is usually sparse depending on budget restraints. Bedding, towels, and necessary furnishings leave little left to add a personal decorating touch.

Posters can be a wonderful way to decorate the new abodes walls without a huge expense.

  • Posters can be purchased inexpensively at favorite museums, concerts, and places like IKEA.
  • Cut out framing and you have a beautiful accessory to dress the new home up with at a budget minded price.

You can now hang a poster in an attractive manner sans frame

Years ago dorm rooms were decorated with taped up posters. They added life but the tape gave the decor an immature look. There is now a very simple attractive device to hang posters on the walls.

  • Posterhanger, created by Jorgen Moller easily attaches to the top and bottom of your artwork, creating an elegant finished look. The hanger is made of aluminumin a choice of a silver or black finish, and comes in a huge range of sizes from 12 inches up to 72 inches wide. It hangs with one small nail for virtually no damage to walls.

Each set includes:

2 aluminum metal bars
6 plastic clips
4 black rubber end caps
1 nail


  • “Simply slip the included plastic clips onto the top and bottom edges of the poster.”


  • “Slide the aluminum bars onto the top and bottom of the poster. The clips provide the necessary grip. Black rubber plugs go into each end of the bar”.


  • “Using the included nail, simply hang the poster. The top bar has a hole in the back, which provides a perfectly balanced frame.”

Think beyond just posters

  • Be creative and use Posterhangers to hang photographs, children’s artwork, blueprints, and even screens of fabrics.

Have fun decorating your new abode. This is the first step to adulthood. Enjoy and never be afraid to dance.

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