9/11 Reflection to Never Forget Lives Forever in New Law

Eighteen years after that tragic morning on 9/11 New York State has passed a new law mandating schools to observe a moment of silence in remembrance of the horrific attacks. Beginning in 2019, every September 11 New York schools must conduct a reflective hushed moment to inspire heartfelt conversations to assure that new and future generations will never forget.

Image Courtesy of Chief Photographer’s Mate Eric J. TIlford via Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

With the dissipation of the smoke came a new normal of togetherness to fight these terrorists. Our diverse nation of different religions, nationalities and beliefs came together to aid first responders – our homeland heroes that ran towards the danger to save lives. As the smoke dissipated and months turned into years, new fear began to overshadow that early togetherness.

While many still fought together against the foreign enemy, there became those who grew new racist views out of fear for the radical Islam faction that attacked our country. The New York State law is not only meant to teach school children the importance of not forgetting what happened but also to understand how we came together as a country in the initial response to the attacks.

Read my full article on NYNJ to learn more about the new 9/11 law and my own reflections living so close to Ground Zero

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