Russia Iran Collaboration to Endanger World Peace  

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine right after a joint navy drill by Iran, Russia, and China prove the dangers of how a Russia Iran collaboration can escalate the world into World War III.

social distancing

Why Social Distancing is Key to Ending COVID-19 Pandemic

Social distancing is the key to diminish the rate of spread of COVID-19 - physical contact must be extremely limited. Work restrictions, public location closures, and severely limiting travel other than essential food and medical needs will reduce the rate of the outbreak. Succeeding in flattening the curve will be accomplished when efforts have worked … Continue reading Why Social Distancing is Key to Ending COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. K.A. Paul launches GPI ‘Save Israel’ in opposition of Iran Deal

Read Carol's Examiner interview with Dr. K. A. Paul from the Global Peace Initiative On Aug 4, 2015 Dr. K.A. Sourced through from: Important news against Iran Deal, read my interview @examinercom @RubensteinPR #Iran See on - Life Design