Relaxation to inspire peaceful decor for the abode

No matter where you reside, or what your budget is, relaxation is key to enjoying life. Not everyone can afford a delicious home spa but anyone can bring a tidbit of a spa feeling home.

Treat yourself once in a while with a spa treat.

Enjoy an afternoon getting a spa treatment and being inspired to furnish a mini spa retreat in your own abode.

Find a comfy location that you will be able to fashion to promote relaxation.

Depending on the parameters’ of the space, choose the appropriate furnishings that will encourage a peaceful escape. If you cannot find a room to call your own then use pretty screens to partition a special area off.

  • Purchase a gift of a chair and ottoman, or a chaise lounge, so you can put your legs up after a long day.
  • For a smaller space, and/ or tighter budgets, huge pillows on the floor that you can sink into can be the ideal present to yourself.
  • For a luxury, treat yourself to a massage chair.

Spend a special relaxing night away at a nice hotel.

Hotel rooms make you feel special, with a comfy mattress, fresh linens and towels, and lovely black-out drapes that shut out the world. Let the hotel room visit inspire décor to promote peaceful rest.

  • Purchase a gift for yourself, which will never stop giving back, of a relaxing memory foam mattress.
  • Dress your bed with hotel grade sheets of 1000 count cotton and a new lush down comforter.
  • Black out shades or drapes on the windows are a perfect present to shut out the stresses of the outside world.
  • Take an easy tip from the hotel and post a “do not disturb” sign on the doorknob to your private room.  Let the household know that when the sign is posted, and the door is shut, it means “leave me alone”.

Treat yourself to a Feng Shui workshop or an evaluation from a Feng Shui expert

Learn some simple and easy furnishing ideas and accessories to make your decor peaceful and lovely.

  • Buy yourself a turtle sculpture or painting. The turtle is the symbol of longevity so what better gift can you find to celebrate another year of survival with many more to come.
  • Water is associated with the flow of money so it is especially powerful for wealth and career. A gift to yourself of crystals or a fountain can promote a profitable year.
  • Give yourself a bouquet of flowers or pretty scented candles to keep the space fresh and the energy moving.

Relax and enjoy your life; get out there and never be afraid to dance!

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