Make the college dorm abode beautiful with help from Bed, Bath & Beyond

New college freshman are heading off to live away from the comforts of home for the first time. This is a time of mixed emotions; nervous about leaving the comforts of home yet excited about embarking on their first adventure on the path to adulthood.

It can be an overwhelming experience planning for college life.

What is a welcome change from years past is that in today’s world many colleges try to match roommates much like a matchmaking service. This gives roommates the opportunity to get to know each other via the phone and computer, and coordinate what their specific dorm room decor needs are, such as a fridge, TV, mirror, etc, and even colors for bedding and accessories.

The best way to prepare for college needs is to have a checklist

  • Preparing a checklist will make shopping for the dorm room easy. As each item is purchased simply check it off the list.

Bed, Bath & Beyond has made it even easier to go college shopping with their premade checklist

  • The Campus & Beyond checklist is perfect for anyone heading off to live in a college dorm or even for someone heading off their first apartment.

Everything that you could imagine needing is listed neatly in specifically headed columns:

  • Sleep
  • Organize
  • Wash
  • Eat
  • Study
  • Relax

There are items that are specifically noted for apartment living.

Space is provided to add personal touches to the list such as your favorite Teddy Bear under Sleep or some artwork to dress the walls that you can place in the Relax column.

The College & Beyond circular makes shopping for college needs even easier

  • Coordinated to compliment the College & Beyond checklist, the circular giver fresh ideas for each item needed on the list.

Click on an item in the circular and order it right online

Have fun getting dorm room decorating ideas

  • Check out Bed, Bath & Beyond’s dorm room decorating suggestions for ideas for bedding, towels, and décor accessories.

Get into your college spirit with décor

  • Find your college at Bed, Bath & Beyond’s collegiate stuff. Be prepared to decorate to dorm room to celebrate your new college with bedding, hampers, blankets, etc. with your college logo and colors.

When nerves set in it is great to be able to get some practical advice

  • Bed, Bath & Beyond goes a step further than just selling you your much needed décor and supplies it also offers videos giving practical solutions for campus and dorm living.

Beyond bed and bath needs are covered as well

  • The college insider provides links and blogs to useful information regarding campus life, health, financial aid, college tips, and much, much more.

Relax and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. You are not alone; the other first time dorm dwellers will be filled with the same anxieties. With a simple checklist and organization you will soon be living in your beautiful new room.

Enjoy your new found independence. Be responsible by keeping up your good grades. This is your chance to try new adventures and never be afraid to dance!

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