Furnishing and accessorizing the abode’s great outdoors

The beautiful sunshine has followed the snowbirds up north. Summer is the season of celebration and fun. Places like Long Island are all about summer; where activities are centered on beach living, boating, and barbecuing.

Patios and decks have become an extension of our interior spaces. Dream décor for an outdoor living space would be to have a kitchen set up and a patio family “room” complete with an outdoor media center and fireplace. Most of us do not have the budget, or space, to fit this dream room into their abode’s landscape.

There are ways to achieve an outdoor room within a budget.

Does the sun chase you out of a comfortable sitting area?

Gazebos are a wonderful décor accessory. These structures are easy to assemble. They come in different sizes and can be purchased at a very reasonable price.

  • Whether on a lawn or patio, they create the feeling of a room.
  • Gazebos provide shade and screen the bugs out.
  • Add swags of drapery in outdoor fabric, to make it your own.
  • Hang a lighting fixture in the center of the gazebo.
  • Run solar powered LED lights along the spines for lively night fun.

Bring a bit of the indoor décor outdoors

Indoor elements, such as drapes, pillows, vases, lighting, and candles, make the outdoor living space comfy, pretty, and inviting. Accessorize as you would do inside. Bring some of the colors from the interior décor out to the exterior to create continuity.

Outdoor furnishings, made in a variety of colors and patterns, can be found at reasonable prices at stores such as Homegoods and Target.

  • Any cushions, pillows, and drapes should be made out of fabric that is specifically produced for the purposed of being used in the outdoor elements.
  • There are area rugs made exclusively for outdoor use. Place a rug within your seating area to create your finished “room”.  
  • Coordinate placemats, napkins, glassware, and dishes. Beautiful acrylic plates and glassware are made to mimic the breakable choices.

There are now media centers made specifically for outdoor use.

  • TV’s can be purchased and set up that are specially made to be protected from the outdoor elements.
  • Music can be played outside with special outdoor speakers.
  • Set up a large blow-up outdoor screen for an outdoor movie night.

Cool evenings can be warmed up with a heater or fire pit, which will also make it possible for you to take advantage of your outdoor living space into the fall months.

Add greenery with pretty planters. There are now planters that have an integrated watering system, or bottom water reservoir which will relieve any worries you may have about making sure your plants are watered.

Use the sunshine to charge solar lamps and lanterns that will provide light into the evening.

When the season is over, do not forget to bring in the fabric cushions, pillows, and drapery to store for next year. They can be easily freshened up with some Febreze and sunshine when taken out again.

Let the sunshine, invite over your friends, turn up the music and never be afraid to dance!

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