Skate into the coolest of furnishings for the abode

Every person is a distinctive being and the chosen fashions and furnishings reflect who we are. It is thrilling to discover new finds that are fun, unique, and also eco-friendly that add excitement to the living space.

Art of Board has skated into the design world with tiles that will transform a wall into a fantastic work of colorful art.

Art of Board was created by “lifelong skateboarders with a passion for action sports, a clean environment and giving back.”

  • “Art of Board tiles are hand cut from 100% recycled skate decks. Every scratch, scrape and gouge is kept intact – making them truly original. Each tile has its own story. They’re alive with texture, shape and color. Together, they bring that story to life in every space they inhabit – creating a vibrant visual experience.”
  • The Art of Board tile is a totally sustainable product, recycling old skateboards into beautiful tile to adorn walls, displays and countertops. 

The Art of Board founder, Rich Moorhead and his partner Bruce Boul founded I Ride I Recycle in order to keep broken decks from becoming part of a landfill and instead used for Art of Board’s designs.

  • “I Ride I Recycle helps keeps wood waste out of landfills by re-using broken decks, manufacturer scraps and irregular (unusable) boards to create wall and surface tile, retail displays and art – where board graphics are preserved and appreciated forever.”

Art of Board provides skate shops, skate parks, skate companies, manufacturers and retailers with an I Ride I Recycle toolkit and pre-paid UPS shipping labels.

  • Skaters bring broken decks to their local skate shop or park.
  • At no cost, skate shops, skate parks, skate companies, manufacturers and retailers ship recycled decks to I Ride I Recycle in leftover cardboard boxes.
  • Art of Board then turns the discarded boards into “rad” designs saving the Earth from more needless landfill waste.

Beautiful tiles are fashioned to adorn the abode and the shops and skaters totally win.

  • “Art of Board buys a “complete” skateboard from every shop that joins and will give it to the skater who brings shops the most broken decks in a month. These “Ride and Recycle” contests are held throughout the year to drive business to the shops and get skaters thinking “green.” Stickers, T-shirts, hats, etc. are provided as giveaways.”

Art of Board has created a cycle of life recycling skateboards into walls of whimsical art and by supporting charities and skate parks, and bringing more business to local shops, supporting the folks that support them.

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