Decorating Patriotic Abode Décor for a Happy 4th of July

It is that time of year. The sun is shining, folks are smiling. Patriotism is in the air. From west to east, and north shore to south shore, the United States of America is preparing for the Fourth of July weekend. Anticipating the beach, and fireworks, and getting the abode ready for summer entertaining.

The first thing we think of when choosing décor items for the fourth would be “red, white, and blue”. The beach automatically comes to mind when thinking summer décor.

Combining the beach with our countries colors is the perfect blend to use for your Fourth of July motif

  • Sunrooms are great for white wicker with seat cushions upholstered in blue awning stripes. Add some pillows in red with white stars. Finish with window swags in our flag’s colors.

Accessorizing can update any room for the Fourth

  • Present some red and white flowers in a blue vase with some small flags. Add printed or solid pillows in red, white, and blue.

Do-it-yourself easy chair covers can be made for any occasion.

Make some for your July 4th décor

  • Take patriotic tees (use pre worn ones or buy new ones at stores like target) and use them as fun chair covers, on parsons chairs or folding chairs, or make throw pillows out of them (see my article, “designing your abode: Repurposing unused items”)

Table cloths and runners are easy

  • Get a blue checkered table cloth. Use white plates with red napkins rolled and tied with blue ribbons or string.

Mood lighting

  • Use blue light bulbs as accent lights.
  • Red lanterns look pretty as centerpieces and serve as mood lighting.

Gather sea shells

  • Paint red, white, and blue, then display them as a centerpiece in a bowl with some sand or in a shadow box.
  • Place candles in a vase with shells.

Use a shadow box coffee table

  • Change the motif for the holidays and seasons.

Have fun with family and friends, turn up the music and celebrate our great country! Never be afraid to dance!

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