Yummy gingerbread houses inspire decor for the abode

Victorian towns are filled with real-life gingerbread houses. Stroll through these turn of the (last) century villages to see the Architecture with intricate designs that sparkle like icing on a cake.

Victorian abodes are often described as gingerbread for their intricate trim work that duplicates the delicious sculpted cake houses dressed and trimmed with candies and sugar icicles.

Gingerbread houses are popular as a special treat for the holidays.

Artists create amazing gingerbread houses replicating the Victorian structures of days gone by.ginger-bread-house-2, toptenz.net

True works of art are placed on display to be appreciated and drooled over in anticipation of tasting a special treat.

Life Size versions of Gingerbread house are artfully constructed.

In 2010 executive chef Jon Farace and the staff at the BLT Steak restaurant built a 1500-pound, 140 square-foot gingerbread house decorated with a real moss “green” roof and holiday led lights for the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, North Carolina. Back for 2011 is this life size structure designed by architects and built by pastry chefs. This is celebrated as a 100% organic display to bring attention to Ritz-Carlton’s first LEED-certified luxury hotel.life size in lobby of ritz-carlton, north carolina

Disney has their own life-size gingerbread house at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.disney grand floridian life size

Just as these wonderful cake artists are inspired by Victorian houses, get inspiration from the gingerbread cake designs for the abode’s décor.

  • Add some magic to the home with the color of gumdrop candies; paint the front door and shutters in a contrasting color to the house.pretty door, cmthouse
  • Dress up the walkway with pavers or bricks.
  • Decorate the interior to replicate the icing with metallic paints and wall covering.
  • Planning on a new roof; be adventurous. Help give back to the planet and replicate the fairytale houses with a green roof.tacoma wa, greenroofs

Victorian houses come in many different types of architecture. 2, cocoonhome.blogspot

Learn about the unique styles before taking a walk through the yummy storybook gingerbread houses of the holidays.

The history of gingerbread houses carries back to when explorers brought ginger spice to Europe from the Middle East during the 11th century. It became very popular in Germany. The Brothers Grimm wrote the story of Hansel and Gretel, making the gingerbread house treat popular.

With the yummy scent of gingerbread in the year we know that the holiday season has arrived. Celebrate and never be afraid to dance!

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