Add art with decorative lighting for the abode

Every home needs lighting and just about everyone enjoys having art to beautify the surroundings. Put the two together and achieve awesome decor for any abode. Lighting can be a work of art in itself as seen in beautiful chandeliers and unusual sculptural lamps.

Add some lighting to an artist’s canvas and achieve a truly interesting artful effect.44a2f0ef55ba8461b813d0b0e333f58c

Duffy London has married together works of art with lighting to create unique and beautiful artwork that doubles as room lighting.5d232ca7b4059473047c9a0657049d25

The Duffy London Glo-Canvas makes a statement as a “chandelier” dressing up the room.

“The Glo-Canvas range was created in 2002 and launched in Milan in 2005. The range is a series of images that are digitally printed onto cotton canvas and stretched over wooden frames. Each frame is installed with low energy strip lights that illuminate the prints from within and can be hung from ceiling light fittings or mounted onto a wall.”8aeb7592475ed27c647e82427bac13ab

  • The Chandelier Glo-Canvas combines the artist’s canvas “with the opulence and complexity of a crystal chandelier.” Made for the wall or double sided to dress over a table.2a43b00e1e5b2af47063132ea30d8328
  • Add some fun with a grouping of Mini Glo-Canvas pieces in beautiful lamp shades, clouds and scenes.8d48c8dd55548daf3ce2c9aedf130810
  • No room for a lamp then add a floor lamp to the wall with a Standard Lamp Glo-Canvas. “A vintage standard lamp image, on a patterned background, digitally printed onto cotton canvas and stretched over a wooden frame.” The canvas is “illuminated from the centre of the lamp shade”.ffbe2ebd4b9aa4cdc5f38005c8787501

General lighting is vital but accent lighting is just as important when bringing a glow to the furnishings. Art adds personality to the abode. Let your personality shine in the spotlight and never be afraid to dance!

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