Carpet quick, easy and beautiful with FLOR modules: Floor covering for the abode

People are always looking for design ideas that they can easily do themselves. With the advents of situations such as super storm Sandy, folks are now more cautious about the materials that are chosen for building, remodeling and decorating.

Choosing furnishings that are beautiful and easy to install as well as being replaced easily is important.

In the event of an unfortunate event or even after years of wear and tear or a nasty stain, people are looking for floor covering that will look beautiful along with weathering a storm of activity.

Ceramic flooring may now be the go-to for many who have experienced severe water damage but tile can be hard on the feet and may not be appropriate for all of the rooms or the decor that one is looking to achieve.

  • Bedrooms require warmth and softness.
  • Seniors could fall on hard tile causing serious injury.
  • Kids need a safe surface to play on.

Carpeting is a great design option to add warmth and comfort to the abode.

Carpeting has always been a solution for those seeking cushy comfort as well as beauty. Unfortunately stains in carpet do not always come out easily and carpet will become waterlogged and destroyed when a room is flooded. Replacing carpeting can be an exhausting task when having to remove a room full of furniture first.

FLOR has made it easy to achieve an easy to install and replace carpeted floor.Capture 3

FLOR is an innovative system of carpet squares that you assemble to create custom rugs, runners, or wall-to-wall designs of any size” Imagine carpeting an entire floor simply by shifting the furniture, instead of removing it all, as you complete the job

  • Shop the beautiful choices of patterns, colors and styles. Get design ideas and shop by the needs of specific rooms.Capture 4
  • Order samples so that you can make your ultimate design decisions.
  • The carpet squares measure approximately 19 inches square and are very easy to install. FLOR is easy to install doing it yourself simply by using “FLORdot adhesives that connect squares together and not to your floor”.Capture 6

Redecorate in the future easily by changing out old color and patterns squares of the FLOR flooring for new colors and patterns to update the decor.Capture 9Capture 10  Capture 8 Capture 7

FLOR has tools to assist in creating a unique customized design just for your exact space.

You are the designer using tools to create the ultimate flooring for your abode’s rooms.

  • Create an area rug simply by answering three simple questions; size, pattern and palette.
  • Use the FLOR Plans tool for readymade design templates.
  • Design your own floor plan design using the FLORbuilder Design tool. Choose the size, pattern and color and see how it looks completed in a plan along with the projected cost.Capture

FLOR is always on call with design assistance. Hire a professional to install or have fun completing the project yourself. Purchase extra squares to have on hand to easily replace squares that may be damaged in the future by unimagined events.

Achieve a beautiful abode while also having an easy to maintain decor. Never be afraid to dance!

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