Design your abode using a free room planner

Decorating the abode is so much more than spending the weekend picking out furniture at a store. Impulse buying can be dangerous when it comes to choosing furnishing. So often the beautiful sofa that one sees in the showroom will not quite fit where one imagines in the room and sometimes will not even fit through the abodes door.

It is vital that one has a plan of action when decorating.

The first step to designing a beautiful abode is evaluating the space. Look at the rooms and see how they blend together. You will want to keep that continuity in the decor. Pick paint colors, wall coverings and carpeting that complement each other when traveling from room to room. You do not want to appear very matchy or clashy. Do not try to match woods that you may already have, such as cabinetry or flooring. Instead complement the existing wood with a lighter or darker wood piece of furniture.

Plan the rooms and know the sizes of furnishing needed.Capture 3

Before the fun of shopping for furnishings a floor plan will allow one to know the definite sizes and pieces of furniture that will look beautiful in the room. Interior designers will create professional floor plans for you so that you can see the abode beautifully laid out perfectly with the furniture optimally placed.

Create your own dream room floor plan for free!Untitled

At 3Dream you can get a free basic account for a free 3D room planner. “3Dream Basic is FREE, with no obligation. You can use your FREE basic account for as long as you please. Just sign up and start planning in minutes.”Capture

Design and Re-Design your space with 3Dream.

“Create stunning room designs with 3Dream, our 3D online design tool. Use realistic 3D models of manufacturer’s real world products to drag-and-drop furnishings, paint and accessories into your space – then take and share snapshots of your design. For beginner to pro, it’s just that easy.”

In just a few simple steps you can create your ultimately designed room with 3Dream.

“Use 3Dream to plan your living room, dining room, bedroom, washroom, hallway, kitchen, games room, patio/garden, office and much, much more.”

  • Draw your floor plan in Blue Print view or open an existing room scene.
  • Then in 2D view add windows, doors and furnishings.Capture 12Capture 13
  • Add the finishing touches in 3D view, “choosing from an ever growing selection of flooring, fabrics, lighting, rugs, art, accessories and more!”Capture 4

Enjoy planning your abode with amazing free key features.

  • High Quality 3D Models;3Dream uses the same technology as video games to create near photo-quality digital representations of real-world products.”Capture14
  • Real-Time 3D Navigation;Navigate anywhere in your scene using mouse and keyboard controls.”
  • Snapshots;Full screen, high quality snapshots, taken from any angle, can be printed, emailed or used in reports.”Capture 5

Get going on letting your creative side out. Have fun playing with different floor plan ideas until you find the perfect fit. Then take your plans out on the road shopping fully prepared with an action to make the proper purchases to achieve a beautifully designed abode.

Don’t be surprised that when you show off your new decor guests will ask you who your interior designer is. Let out your inner designer and never be afraid to dance!

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One thought on “Design your abode using a free room planner

  1. Thank you Carol for the wonderful blog on our 3D program – what a nice surprise! You’ve captured the power of creating virtual spaces beautifully. The collaboration and ability to see all of the ‘what ifs’ that are possible with are the key to it’s success. The free basic version lets you dabble, but the true power is unlocked for design professionals in the Pro version, that contains thousands of lifelike 3D models that can be re-sized and finishes that can be applied to any item.

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