Using colors and patterns to add new excitement to the abode’s decor

Big, bright, bold, and beautiful are the fashion statements for today’s decor. People are longing to make a change as the economy stays depressed. The decor is making a bold statement in order to pave the way perhaps to raise the hopes of a brighter economic future.

Color and patterns are in, in a big way!

Color can make a powerful statement

Do not be afraid of color; a brightly painted room can add excitement to your day.

  • Paint an accent wall behind a sofa in a bold red or green, or even a dark chocolate. Then bring the color into the rest of the room with the accessories.
  • Paint opposite walls in different colors.
  • Keep the walls neutral and add the color to the ceiling or to molding and doors.
  • Colors can be mixed but not hues; bold colors and pastels do not work well together.

Bold patterns are big

  • An accent wall dressed in a wallpaper with a huge repeat will be sure to add a statement to a room.
  • Instead of the walls, add the pattern to the ceiling and/ or floor for some new decor excitement.
  • Upholster a chair in a large pattern to appear as if a piece of art.

Mix and match patterns

Have fun mixing flowers with plaids or stripes. Throw in some geometric with a traditional pattern. Be sure to keep the patterns in the same tones of color. Bolds should be kept with bolds; pale colors should be kept with pales.

  • Do not be afraid to mix patterns when upholstering a chair or sofa.
  • Think three when mixing designs; you do not want to overwhelm the room with too much pattern. Keep your mixing to a choice of three different patterns.

Patterns can make a neutral statement in a bold way

Not into color then use large neutral patterns to create an accent wall or to dress the entire room.

  • Animal prints can create a natural and neutral palette for the rooms decor.
  • Sneak a bit of color with the accessories that can easily be changed with your mood or the seasons; pillows and throws in different colors, textures, and patterns can add instant thrills to the decor.

Look forwards to a brighter future by adding some boldness to the living space. Happiness in the abode’s decor will incite you to have a happy day. Enjoy life and never be afraid to dance!

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2 thoughts on “Using colors and patterns to add new excitement to the abode’s decor

  1. Hi, I love the black and white decal the shown in the picture over the table. Do you know where can I find the Black and white ceiling pattern? Thanks

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