Breathe life into your photos and decorate the abode’s walls

No matter how beautiful the furnishings may be, if the walls are blank your abode’s decor will appear unfinished. Artwork can be costly and posters can tend to give the room a college dorm appearance. Most people have the perfect items waiting to decorate their walls hidden away in attics, boxes, basements, and on digital files.

Photographs are wonderful for decorating the walls.

  • Create a gallery of photos to dress a stairwell wall or corridor.
  • Make a framed collage of photo memories to dress a wall.

Now there are more options than simply framing a photo to hang on the wall.

  • Techniques have been developed to print a photo onto a canvas creating the look of an artist’s oil painting.
  • Turn your photo into a piece of abstract art to dress the abode’s walls.
  • There are applications to transfer photos to acrylic and metals for a wonderful contemporary look for the decor.

Acrylic Pix will transfer your digital photos directly onto acrylic.

Images are printed directly onto acrylic giving the finished piece a shiny, clear, and 3 dimensional effect.

“The photo actually becomes life like and jumps out at you when hanging on the wall, it’s simply spectacular. What’s more amazing, a photo that only has 150 dpi will come out looking like a masterpiece.”

This method is not just for professional reproductions.

Imagine what that beautiful sunset that you captured would look like reproduced with this medium.

Customize your acrylic by choosing a number of image, hanging and display options.

  • Choose an acrylic with a one or two inch border
  • Have your black and white photo printed directly on black acrylic for a real 3d effect.

Not into acrylic, have your photos printed onto metal

  • Photos and digital art printed on brushed aluminum give a rich and artistic effect.

Acrylic Pix is unique in offering various hanging and display options.

  • The 2″ inch metal box gives the option of wrapping the image so it appear on the sides, like a gallery wrapped painting, or leave the edges displaying the brushed aluminum.
  • Choose the look where the metal panel will appear as if floating on the wall with the 1″ float option.

The goal of Acrylic Pix is to offer different large format printing mediums as well as novel hanging and display options at affordable prices. Check out their website for cool ideas and to get inspired.

Get the photos out of hiding and proudly display your memories as works of art. Have fun creating decor and never be afraid to dance!

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