A day of sweet relaxation on an outdoor bed: Décor for the abode’s exterior

Folks who live in area where they have to live inside during the colder months, cannot wait to spend their days and nights enjoying the great outdoors. The abode’s outside living spaces should be decorated to promote relaxation and fun.

An outdoor living room should be decorated for multitasking; entertaining as well as relaxation.

utdoor beds are wonderful furniture pieces that come in various sizes and options that will fit in with anyone’s décor needs.

No longer are hammocks and chaises the only options for stretching out on when choosing outdoor furniture. Outdoor furnishings have grown up. There are now sectionals, rugs, and fabrics made specifically to withstand the elements, as well as outdoor beds that create an inviting and comfortable environment.

  • Sun yourself by the pool on a single bed.

  • Cozy up with your honey or kids on a double bed.

    linen n things
  •  Sink into a hooded bed to shield yourself from the sun.

  • Canopy beds make the bed into it’s own room.

  • Beds are made that will swing gently as if floating.
  • Puzzle beds pull apart to create a sofa and ottoman for versatile entertaining.


Furnishings made for the great outdoors come in many different choices of finishes.

  • Wicker
  • Resin
  • Aluminum
  • Wrought Iron
  • Wood

Fabrics should be chosen that are specifically made to use in the outdoors.

Many colors, patterns, and textures are now available. The fabric choices are so beautiful that they are often chosen for interior furnishings as well.

Sunbrella is the most well know outdoor fabric, but there are many other fabric companies now making fabrics specifically for the outdoors as well.

Measure the space, just as you would an interior room, and prepare a floor plan.

  • If you have a large or unusual area you may want to consult with a designer to perfect the layout of the furnishings.

Sink into your bed and relax.

  • Stare up at the floating clouds by day and the lovely stars at night.
  • Spend a day reading a good book.
  • Enjoy a little catnap in the afternoon.
  • Let the kids have an outdoor pajama party.
  • Jump up on the bed and have a dance party.

Have fun decorating the abode’s great outdoors for the sunnier seasons.

Enjoy the season of fun and never be afraid to dance!

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