Cloud of seating comfort for the abode

When furnishing a room comfort is most often at the top of the list. Most folks assume comfort equals a big clunky recliner or oversized sectional. Obviously these furnishings would never fit into a smaller sized room and not everyone is willing to give up fun décor for Grandpa’s recliner.

The bean bag is not just for a dorm room anymore. It has matured from the mod days of past eras.

Sitting Bull has taken the old fashioned beanbag chair and improved it to accommodate grown up décor. “

“Sit, chill, and relax … you won’t want to get up again!”

“In principle the Sitting Bull looks like a standard beanbag chair, but when reviewed closely it’s really much more than that!”

“Due to its unique design it can be formed and shaped for optimal sitting comfort. Its filling is made out of specially produced EPS beads that are extremely durable and high in quality, and not out of standard shredded Styrofoam waste like most low quality beanbags. Additionally, to Sitting Bull’s advantage, the cover material’s surface is made of sturdy, high quality Polyester that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. But Sitting Bull’s real test in quality is when you finally sit in it, and only then you shall know that there is absolutely no comparison!”


  • A full sized chair that is larger than an average adult; it is available in 16 great colors and as a camouflage pattern. Sit comfortably encased and fully supported as if in a cloud.

Bull Medium

  • This is just a slightly smaller version of the Bull.

Fashion Bag

  • The Bullin lovely and fun patterns; “This is the first collection of beanbags to cater for different interior design styles. The fashion bag is more than just an ornamental piece – it is an individual piece of furniture that can be seamlessly integrated into interiors that exude character. The fashionable designs fuse elements of baroque chic with homely comfort, cool styles with coziness, vibrant patterns with living room flair, and much, much more.”

Bull Mini

  • Kid sized for the little ones; perfect for nap time or playtime and available in 6 bright colors and 8 Fashion Mini patterns.

Pet Bull

  • Furry family members need a comfortable place to relax. Great pet beds that come in small and large sizes

Sitting Bull Relax Chair Bull´s Nest

  • It surrounds you in a nest of comfort and security; “a relaxing chair with a white support frame designed by Sitting Bull for indoor and outdoor use”.

Outdoor Beanbag

  • The collection comes in 8 single colors and 2 designs: Bristoland Cornwall designed “for chilling in the garden and for relaxed moments on your terrace.”

Sitting Bull’s chairs fit into any décor and any sized room. Channel a bit of the college years when decorating the adult abode. Add some whimsy and coziness to the décor with furniture that is attractive as well as comfortable.

Think outside of the box when you are decorating. Elegance can come in many shapes. Have fun and never be afraid to dance!

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