Funky furnishings to wow the abode

The wow factor is significant when entering a room. Whether impressing others with a vivacious personality or amazing fashion, or having the décor speak to guests as they enter, being the talk of the town can be exciting wherever one resides.

Adding a spark to set fashion apart from the norm can be fun.

  • Add a funky pin to accessorize your appearance.
  • Make a statement in the abode with a unique piece of art or a chair that will stand out as a conversation piece.

Kenneth Cobonpue has done just that with his unique furnishings designs.

Kenneth is the offspring of Betty Cobonpue, famous in her own right for designing unique rattan furnishings. In tune with true New Yorkers he studied at the Pratt Institute in New York and then returned to his home in Cebu, Philippines. There he integrated his worldly design knowledge and expertise with the “locally sourced organic materials and hand-made production techniques” of Cebu, creating modern masterpieces that add a punch to a room’s design. His unique designs have won many awards and accolades.

Every year Kenneth Cobonpue unveils a new design that is highlighted at design shows around the world.

His designs are eclectic, funky, comfortable, and true works of art that will add excitement to the abode’s décor and will be sure to create a buzz with guests.

The furnishings are eco-friendly created from natural fibers and materials and produced using hand-made techniques.

Check out Kenneth’s designs for Bedroom, Living, and Dining for a furnishing fireworks display.

  • Have your guest seated snugly inside the petals of a flower in Kenneth’s BLOOM easy chairhandmade with microfiber stitched over a resin top and steel base. Available in a variety of colors.

  • The HARRY rocking stoolis a hairy vision with fabric strips stitched on interchangeable covers over a stainless steel base creating a centerpiece of active fun. Available in many colors.

  • RAPUNZELis the fairytale of a chair and ottoman crafted from thick hand-coiled upholstered foam curved over a steel frame in a woven pattern with plush cushions in soft wool to sink into.


Many of the designs incorporate rattan with the comfortable upholstery.

  • Sex and the City is alive in the MANOLO chairinspired by a lovely woman’s designer sandal.

  • Relax like a sheik or princess on the veranda in the outdoor HAGIA daybed.

  • The BALOU collectiongives an airy appearance with cushions floating inside a cool web of rattan vines woven over a steel frame with cotton twine and abaca rope. An outdoor version is made with polyethylene and steel.

    BALOU sofa
  • Becoming its own abode is the LOHAH collectionusing rattan poles and strips fastened together in a technique “similar to boatbuilding creating soft and sensuous shapes”

    LOHAH capsule
  • The SUZY WONG collectioncreates a cozy nest inside a sheltered screened seating space.

  • Hide inside among the flowing reeds in the YODA collectionfashioned from rattan vines.

  • Invite the guests to relax in the CABARETwith fabric tubes woven over a steel frame to create the appearance of a square macramé frame housing soft cushions.

  • Get a relaxing feng shui sleep inside the curvy VOYAGE bed.

    VOYAGE bed
  • The babies can have a voyage of dreams in their own VOYAGE crib.

    VOYAGE crib

Share the fun with the pets

  • The animals will be singing sweet songs in the OPERETTA pet lounge and taking a trip to dreamland in the VOYAGE pet bed.

    VOYAGE pet bed

Enjoy adding spice to your living environment with a piece of furniture that will enlighten the conversation. With Kenneth Cobonpue designs you will have art that truly melds with company as folks become one with its uniqueness.

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