Dress the walls to decorate the abode

As the world’s decor continues to change it is a good time to renew and refresh the interior décor as well. Begin with reviving the walls with a clean coat of lovely paint in a new color. Plan a painting party day for friends and family.

The abode’s walls look grand; clean and crisp dressed in their new coats of paint.  You now have a fresh canvas to hang some new artwork on.

There are many alternatives to purchasing expensive art work.

Art is personal and should be something that will be treasured and loved, no matter what the price.

Family photos; get in touch with family history by creating a family tree of photos. Look through photos from past generations. This is a great family activity that will invite the children to get to know their heritage and where past relatives came from.

  • Create a gallery hanging photos in frames on a staircase wall or a corridor wall. Frames can be mixed and matched to add to the special décor.
  • Make a collage of photos in a single large frame to hang in a special place.
  • Guests will enjoy looking at the photos and you will enjoy the memories.

Garage and yard sales are blooming; take a nice day out to visit sales.

  • Don’t discard buying a beautiful frame because your dislike the art. Use the frame to frame a new piece of art or a mirror can be cut to fit inside the frame.
  • Old coffee table picture books can be found at very inexpensive prices. The pages can be taken out and framed as art work.
  • Old magazine covers and ads make lovely framed art as well.

Someone else’s trash can be your treasure; as you take a pleasant walk don’t be afraid to pick up a discarded item. You can find framed pieces tossed along with other treasures.

  • Old antique divided windows and doors are often tossed out with the garbage. These can be used for creative framing or just to hang as a group on a wall.


Remnants make attractive wall décor; A yard of fabric or left over wallpaper can be used as wall art.

  • Stretch the fabric over a canvas stretcher to hang in a grouping.
  • Wallpaper can be matted and framed to create beautiful art to hang on the wall. Many wall papers when framed look like an actual painted piece that will impress the visitors.

Think way outside of the box; open up your creative mind to using items that normally would not be considered art as wall decor.

  • An interesting area rug can be reincarnated as a lovely wall hanging.

  • Paper money collected from travels abroad can be matted and framed.
  • Small collections like old hot wheel cars or bottle caps can be mounted in shadowboxes to be displayed on the walls.

  • Climb up to the attic and clean it out. Dig through the clutter in the basement. This is the perfect time to get creative with all of those items that have been piling up. Enjoy the hunt and adventure of creating new décor.

Be at one with your surroundings and never be afraid to dance!

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