Purchase the perfect sink for your abode’s bathroom design

In these economic times, many people are opting to renovate existing abodes instead of trading up. This is very prevalent in busy suburbs like Long Island. Renovating or designing a bathroom can be overwhelming with all of the fixture, hardware, cabinetry, and finishes to choose from. Whether you are designing a new huge master bath or renovating a cozy powder room, it is important to understand all of your décor options before making final decisions.

Upon embarking on your remodeling bathroom adventure, you will want to know the size of the fixtures that you will need to fit into the allotted spaces. Then it is time to set out on your excursion to find the perfect bathroom furnishings that you will love to wake up to each morning. These following sink options will assist you in your quest of choosing the just-right sink to complement your bathroom’s décor.

The Reliable Self Rimming Lavatory is the sink of the first modern bathrooms.

Kohler K-2699-4-0 White Bryant Oval Self Rimming Lavatory
  • Looking for a quick replacement sink to update an aged vanity? The classic self-rimming sink is the right choice for you. These sinks are great if you are remodeling on a tight budget, with their low cost and many color finishes they easily blend with any décor. The old reliable self-rimming, overmount sink works well when the need is to simply replace an existing, worn out, old sink. Your existing vanity will be livened up with a new self-rimming sink and a new faucet set.

An under mount sink is the perfect choice if you have lovely granite or marble that you have found for a vanity top, and don’t want a sink to interrupt the flow.

kohler caxton undermount
  • For those who like the look of a sleek and smooth stone top then an undermount sink is for you.  It’s simple design will not take away from the gorgeous counter top that it is set into. A number of color and finish choices allows for easy blending with the vanity top. Decorative faucets will sit as if pieces of art atop the counter to complement the natural beauty of the stone.

The pedestal sink creates a very clean and open look, especially appealing for a smaller space that you would like to appear larger.

renovators supply Pedestal Sinks Dtl19355
  • If vanity storage in the bathroom is not a concern for you, a pedestal sink would be a great choice. Pedestal sinks come in an array of sizes and styles to fit within a traditional or contemporary decor. The smaller pedestal sink makes for a wonderful alternative in a tight space.

A modern pedestal sink design makes a designer statement.

blue vessel countertop
  • If you want to make a statement with the furnishings when someone enters the bathroom, check out artistically designed pedestal sinks, mixing different elements such as glass and chrome, which sit on the floor as if on display as a beautiful piece of sculpture. These sinks often come complete with faucet sets, leaving out the extra search for the perfect faucet. They are individualistic, coming in many shapes, sizes, and options, such as with built in towel racks and lighting.

With a vessel sink you can create the look of the colonial times of a washbowl sitting upon a dresser.

Kohler K-2200-HV Conical Bell Vessels Above-Counter or Wall-Mount Lavatory Boucle Tweed
  • Longing to replicate the traditional days of the past the vessel sink is the perfect choice. Truly decorative in its appearance; it’s designed from the early days, before running water, when people used a bowl with a pitcher as a washbasin. You can repurpose an antique cabinet to use in the bathroom as a vanity with a vessel sink that mimics a bowl made of fine china to sit upon it.  Vessel sinks allow for a choice of surface mounted faucets, or wall mounted faucets for a waterfall appearance.

Contemporary vessel sinks come in many unique shapes and are fashioned from several choices of resources such as stone, glass, metal, and china.

Yosemite Home Decor DAWN Dawn Hand Carved Wave Edge Vessel Sink
  • If you appreciate art and enjoy bringing a creative touch into the bathroom, purchase a sink that is a piece of art in itself. Artisans specially craft vessel sinks out of various mediums such as hand blown glass infused with patterns of color or hand carved from polished stone giving the appearance of an artful accessory sitting on the vanity top. These vessels of art can be costly, but worth it with the unique statement of a fountain-like artistic sculpture that they make upon anyone entering the bathroom.  Have fun discovering the many types of contemporary vessel sinks, such as contemporary sleek geometric sinks, and sinks that actually look like a large rock has been placed on the countertop.

Metal sinks are dressed to impress to add some glitz for a special look.

Nantucket TRB Specialty Metals Hand Hammered Brass Trough Bathroom Sink
  • Love glitz and shiny objects? Then buy a golden sink to excite the décor. Metal sinks are usually handcrafted, making each one a unique piece that makes a glittering statement as visitors enter the room. You will sparkle in the golden glow of a beautiful bronze sink or rustic ambience that copper conveys. Metal sinks tend to cost more and require more upkeep than other finishes, such as ceramic and glass, so they are recommended for you to use in lower traffic water closets.

A wall hung sink will fit snugly into a cozy space

Whitehaus WH103 Small Porcelain Wall Mounted Ceramic Bathroom Basin Sink
  • If you are looking for extra space to add an additional bathroom consider turning a closet into a little powder room. Using a mini wall hung sink will allow for the necessary room needed for you to make a cozy little powder room. With a narrow depth, it sits on the wall like a wall hung shelf. The mini wall-hung sink is sleek and attractive as it fits easily into very tight quarters that would otherwise not be large enough to accommodate a bathroom.

Corner sinks can fit in an otherwise empty space.

Marseille Corner Vanity
  • If your sink is pushing you into a corner, figuratively and literally, the corner sink should alleviate this design issue. Corner sinks with vanity tops are available with complete vanity cabinets ready to install into a cozy corner.

All in one sinks and vanity tops are sleek and seamless.

American Standard Newbern Vanity Top
  • Seeking out a simple, quick, and clean alternative to replace an old worn out sink and vanity top, then choose the reasonable priced all in one solution.  A vanity top and sink made in a one piece, seamless design, crafted from Fine Fire Clay material makes it easy to keep this combination sink and vanity top clean. These sink counter tops also feature a built in backsplash to help prevent water from running behind a vanity. This is the perfect choice for you, coupled with a readymade vanity cabinet, to update your bathroom on a tight budget.

You should narrow your many choices down to decide which sink will best fit your budget and particular bathroom design needs. If you are looking for a purely decorative touch for a powder room, then consider an artistic vessel sink or a hammered metal sink. For the kids’ bathroom, go with a sink that will be easily kept clean such as the undermount, self rimming, or pedestal in a ceramic finish. The perfect sink is there for you to dress up your bathroom with.

Remember to conserve the water. Never be afraid to dance!

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