Turn an ordinary ladder into a beautiful bookcase for the abode

It seems as if all of our spare time is taken up organizing the abode. As soon as items are neatly put away new ones pop up to clutter the room. With all of the accumulated stuff acquired and scattered about it is a constant struggle to find places to store everything neatly.

Shelving can be costly and awkward to get from the store to the home.

With some ingenuity repurpose an old worn out ladder into a lovely new bookcase.

Old ladders are perfect for making great shelving units.

  • Simply separate the sides from the top platform and lean them against the wall for a relaxed instant shelving display using the existing steps.

  • Take the leaning ladder bookcase one step further by cutting 9 to 12 inch deep boards to fit inside the ladder on top of the steps. You can repurpose old shelves that might be waiting to be tossed. Brittany from Pretty Handy Girlgives step by step instructions.

    pretty handy girl
  • Hang the ladder’s sides horizontally on the wall. The steps now become dividers to use to keep books and papers in place.

  • Open up an old ladder. Use the existing steps as supports for planks to fit across to create a fun bookcase.

  • If you have two matching ladders that are on their last legs (ha, ha), open them up side by side so they look like a giant Capital ‘M’. Cut equal lengths of wood planks to fit neatly across both ladders’ steps to create one large bookcase.

  • Cut the sides of the ladder away from the top platform, to use as the side supports for shelves. Add wooden shelves across to rest on the rungs, and screw them into the side supports, for an instant bookcase. Mother Earth Newsprovides instructions on building this ladder bookshelf.


Have fun with repurposing and making usable décor out of old items. Enjoy your achievements and never be afraid to dance!

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