Keeping the abode spruced up for pop over guests

Summertime is upon us. Anticipation is filling the air of days heading to the summer festivals and the beach. With the wonderful weather of summer come the surprise guests dropping by as they take an evening stroll or making a pit stop on their way to the seashore.

Whether company in stopping by for a cup of coffee or to stay a night, in anticipation of the surprise guests, it is important to have the abode guest ready and organized.

With just a few tips you will have your abode guest ready.

Clean the bathroom as you go

  • While washing your hair leave take time to clean the tub and shower areas as your hair becomes deeply conditioned.
  • Make Friday evening or Saturday morning time for bathroom cleaning. This way the water closet will be fresh for all visitors.

Make sure the floors are kept clean

  • Keep rugs and carpets lint free; run a quick vacuum over rugs and carpets a couple of times a week to stay ahead.
  • Every morning while you drink your coffee, use a swifter to pick up the dust bunnies and sweep the floor.

The kitchen looks clean when the sink is empty and the counters are free of clutter

  • Always keep the kitchen sink clean of dirty dishes, the counters clear, and the floors swept. If you make time every day to do this it will not become overwhelming and you will always have a tidy kitchen.

Desks should look organized

  • Keep papers in order in a desk file to control clutter or a neat letter box.


  • Get rid of the junk mail and papers lying around.
  • Keep magazines and books neatly stacked or in a pretty basket.
  • Baskets are perfect for rounding up remote controls as well.

Dress up your Bathrooms and Guest Rooms for company

  • An attractive basket is perfect to hold fresh guest towels, and bath items. Add some chocolate for a special surprise. You can use those little soaps and shampoos that you have gathered from your hotel stays. Find pretty baskets and items at the dollar store.

Have some cheese and grapes in the fridge, and some crackers and wine to have ready for an impromptu get together. Keep nice scents going with oils and pretty flameless candles.

Invite in the guests. Make sure you have some nice background music going. Never be afraid to Dance!

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Tips for space planning the abode’s kitichen

Viewing the beautiful kitchens of designer homes in magazines and on TV have become teasers to us with the thoughts of having our own dream kitchen. Although you may never be able to attain the magnificent kitchen of your dreams there are some ways to make your abode’s kitchen more comfortable and friendly, creating needed space and beatifying the surroundings.


Organization is essential to establishing a beautiful kitchen environment

Get rid of unneeded or underused items

Look through the junk drawer that everyone has in the kitchen.

  • Throw out all of the loose items that you have forgotten about and never use.
  • Stop throwing the take-out menus into the drawer; keep them sorted neatly in a folder.
  • Use the drawer for only necessary things pertaining to the kitchen.

Sort through all of the kitchen drawers and cabinets.

It is time to clean out the cabinets and drawers of items that are hardly used. Most of your stuff will end up being items that have been long forgotten and not essential to the daily use of your kitchen.

Get rid of the extra peelers.
How many ice cream scoops do you need when you end up using a spoon to scoop the ice cream instead?
When was the last time you used the rolling pin?
How many plastic containers do you need for leftovers? There are great collapsible ones that can be bought now to save on space.
Attractive mixing spoons and spatulas can be organized on pretty hooks or in a vase on the counter.

  • Donate items you do not need (when was the last time you used that electric carving knife?).
  • Do not forget to recycle tossed items like plastic ware.

Better plan your drawers and cabinets.

After you have cleaned out the drawers and cabinets of the unnecessary clutter it is time to reevaluate if your kitchen and dining needs are stored in their best locations.

Everything should be in places that make the most sense.

  • Cooking Utensils should be kept close to the stove area.
  • Silverware is best by the dishwasher and sink to be able to easily be put away. The same with dishes and glasses; keep these over the sink and close to dishwasher.
  • Dishes and glass ware can be place in behind glass doors to create an open and clean look.
  • Mugs should be kept near the coffee maker.
  • Put the blender in storage so you can take it out for parties.
  • Keep the items used daily within easy reach.
  • Party ware and less used appliances can be kept on the higher shelves.

Keep a clean countertop.

A clean and open counter space lends to a less stressful kitchen and leaves room for a vase of pretty flowers.

House Beautiful
  • Microwaves can be purchased to replace a fan over the stove.
  • Appliance lift systemsare made to fit into under counter cabinets that will lift up a coffee maker, toaster, can opener, or blender for quick use and quick clean-up.


Make use of empty cabinet space.

  • Use a lazy susan in a corner cabinet to get in full reach of everything.
  • Add stacking shelves to organize storage space for containers and lids.

  • Use a bucket or plastic basket to place the cleaning supplies into under the sink.
  • Keep plastic grocery bags tidy by stuffing them into a dispenser under the sink.

Utilize all of the kitchen space.

  • Pretty pots look attractive displayed so hang them on a pot rack from the ceiling or on an empty wall if you have the space.

  • Attractive coffee mugs can add a decorative touch hanging on hooks under the upper cabinets.

You will find that when the kitchen is well organized and neat it will feel like a new, or at least a renewed, kitchen to you. Now you can get more adventurous; paint a fresh color and change the cabinetry hardware. Use Rust-Oleum Transformations to transform your existing cabinetry and countertops into an entire new kitchen.

Buy yourself some fresh flowers to display on the clean countertop. Add a nice scent and never be afraid to dance!

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