How-to ideas for dressing the casement windows in the abode

Casement windows are the windows that swing out vertically to let the air in. As with any other type of window they come in an assortment of sizes for different rooms and applications. These windows are elegant with a single pane of glass and not chopped in half as a traditional double hung window is. The entire pane opens up to the outdoors creating a pleasant open feeling in the room.

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Decorate casement windows for optimum usage.

Don’t cover the casement type windows with heavy drapery.

Use a simple blind or fabric roman shade hung on the window frame, or inside of the frame if there is space, that can be pulled up during the day to open the window to the outside.



Bring the windows upward by hanging a valance at ceiling height above the window to drape just over the top edge of the window.










Extend the feel of the window opening outwards by hanging a panel from floor to ceiling on either side of the window opening on a beautiful decorative rod at ceiling height.







For some sheer privacy, hang some simple sheers at ceiling height to mask the window without closing it in.







Avalon-Faux-Etched-GlassAttach a window film for a decorative touch with a border or to look like stained glass or window panes. Depending on the level of privacy that you require or the amount of light that you want to let in Wallpaper for Windows a variety of choices.





windowpane12-before, newpanesWant to add a bit of old world charm to the plain pane of glass then easily customize the casement window to appear as if it has mullions. The DIY network has a tutorial for building and attaching wood mullions yourself. There are kits that can be bought to add on window panes with connectors and strips that you can cut easily to size. A very simple solution is to use thick white weather stripping cut to the size of the panes you want and then simply stick it in place.









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Windows open up the world indoors to new adventures beyond the abode. Let the fresh air in and never be afraid to dance!

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